HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As part of its 4th Anniversary celebration, CoinEx hosted an industry conference titled Financial Innovation in Metaverse via Zoom on December 24, 2021.

For a long time, Fi+ projects like DeFi and GameFi have been the hottest crypto topic. As business giants such as JPMorgan Chase, Fidelity, and VISA speed up their moves in the crypto space, these projects have captured the spotlight, with constant discussions centering on Fi+. Against such a background, how should institutional and individual investors evaluate the potential of Fi+ projects?

To discuss such hot topics, CoinEx invited Bonnie Chen, its head of marketing department, Wayne Zhao, the CEO of Tokeninsight, Darshit Parmar, the CEO of Solster, as well as top blockchain YouTubers, My Financial Friend (Sam) and Flozin, to attend the conference and give their views on popular topics. Additionally, Bonnie also shared the future roadmap of CoinEx on such an occasion.

Virtual Meet-up with CoinEx Team

During the video conference, the guests engaged in extensive discussions on topics such as the potential of Fi+ projects and the future growth of the metaverse and CoinEx. All of them showed confidence and interest in the potential of Fi+ projects. Bonnie suggested that the boom of Fi+ projects is “an experiment, extension and exploration of DeFi in different fields”; Wayne said that the existence of Fi+ projects “makes the information acquired by users more transparent and fair”; both Darshit and Flozin felt that the crypto market is still in its infancy and that Fi+ projects have great potential; Sam predicted that “GameFi, DeFi, and SocialFi will all be in our daily lives in 5 to 10 years.”

The crypto professionals CoinEx invited also shared their criteria for evaluating Fi+ projects without reservation. Bonnie advised crypto users to analyze projects from two dimensions: technology and market, while Flozin recommended the assessment of project potential based on the project team and the field it is focusing on.

Speaking of the popular segment of the metaverse, Bonnie suggested: “CoinEx has always kept an eye on the metaverse. From the development trend to the underlying value of this crypto category, our investment research team has studied the metaverse to identify target projects that truly meet CoinEx’s unchanging criteria of value-based investment.” Meanwhile, other guests also showed a great interest in the metaverse. In short, this anniversary event invited professionals in different fields for extensive discussions that inspired and enlightened the audience.

Celebrate CoinEx 4th Anniversary with Real Users

To thank users for their continued support, CoinEx selected and shared some of the user comments during the “My Story with CoinEx” event. Some of the users were introduced to CoinEx by their friends, while some of them joined CoinEx through AMAs. Jose Goncalves said: “I learned a lot in the last few months and CoinEx was very important in this process. I’m happy and proud to be a part of this amazing community. It has been a fantastic experience.”

During the conference, CoinEx received many blessings from its global users for its 4th anniversary. The conference attracted over 2,000 online viewers who left more than 10,000 bullet comments. During this online talk, CoinEx also prepared amazing anniversary gifts, including $15,000 CET, Apple Watch Series 7, iPhone 13, and MacBook Pro 16, which were distributed to viewers through online lotteries.

Finally, at the conference, Bonnie, head of CoinEx’s marketing department, looked backed on CoinEx’s development with users from all over the world. In terms of CoinEx’s plan for 2022, Bonnie said, “In 2022, CoinEx will keep making steady efforts to pursue its globalization strategy. We will find and list more innovative and high-quality assets to meet the increasingly diverse user demand. CoinEx will strive to build a stronger team, improve its product experiences, offer more considerate user services, and acquire more market shares in 2022.”

A far-reaching, thought-provoking online conference

On its 4th anniversary, CoinEx invited crypto bigshots for online discussions of hot crypto topics across both time and space. The exchange aimed to figure out the future development trend of the crypto community through extensive discussions with the guests. In addition, CoinEx also conveyed its vision and roadmap to partners and users via a video and received real-time feedback. Always putting users first, the exchange will also host more professional conferences to provide users with insightful views about various crypto topics.

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