Recently recognized as a proven Zero Trust solution, Conceal leads effort to secure web browsing through dynamic browser isolation

AUGUSTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ConcealBrowse–Conceal, the leader in protecting against web-based attacks, announced the release of their secure browser extension, ConcealBrowse, to the Google Chrome store. ConcealBrowse performs pre- and post-processing of code on a computer to protect against browser-borne attacks including RATs, Trojans, Worms, Ransomware, Browser Hijacking, and more.

“The proven success of our platform is enabling Conceal to embark on an aggressive global growth strategy,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO of Conceal. “With the release of ConcealBrowse in the app store, we’re not only introducing the extension, but are also increasing overall accessibility to our growing global MSP/MSSP partner community.”

ConcealBrowse leverages an intelligence engine that works at machine speed with near zero latency to dynamically and transparently pre-process and analyze code and move suspicious, unknown and risky code to a cloud-based isolation environment. This unique, patented approach ensures that malicious code or files never enter enterprise devices and cannot infiltrate the network. ConcealBrowse works with existing browsers and supports all popular operating systems. It integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Okta for single sign-on authentication.

For the security partner community, ConcealBrowse offers a tremendous opportunity to provide innovative solutions to their customers. ConcealBrowse is a simple, drop-in solution that can easily be added to existing security packages. It requires minimal configuration and provides advanced telemetry data that can be integrated with SIEMs and common analytical tools via integrations with Splunk and Elasticsearch. Telemetry can also be consumed in a multitude of applications via a Syslog plugin.

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About Conceal

Conceal enables organizations to protect users from malware and ransomware at the edge. The Conceal Platform uses Zero Trust isolation technology to defend against sophisticated cyber threats. Conceal is used by organizations of all sizes globally to ensure their users and IT operations remain secure, anonymous and isolated from attacks. For more information, visit


Lacey Brazzell.