Splunk Edge Hub combats data deluge by bridging the data collection gap of physical and edge environments

SAN FRANCISCO & LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#splunknewsSplunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), the cybersecurity and observability leader, today announced Splunk Edge Hub, a new solution that simplifies the ingestion and analysis of data generated by sensors, IoT devices and industrial equipment. Unveiled at .conf23, Splunk Edge Hub provides more complete visibility across IT and OT environments by streaming previously hard to access data directly into the Splunk platform. Supported by Splunk partner solutions and optimized to work with the Splunk platform’s predictive analytics, Splunk Edge Hub enables advanced monitoring, investigation and response to help organizations drive digital resilience across their systems.

Data Deluge at the Edge

More organizations are realizing the significant benefits of edge computing. This distributed computing framework brings data transfer and storage closer to the data sources themselves to improve response times and save bandwidth. While edge computing is emerging as a driver of innovation, the process of identifying and gathering data in large quantities across multiple physical and virtual sources can be incredibly complex, tedious and costly.

Extends Splunk’s disruptive technology to highly fragmented environments

Splunk Edge Hub streamlines edge data collection and investigation by breaking down the barriers and silos of data access across physical and virtual environments and acting as a data aggregator from other vendors’ platforms. Working right out of the box, the device can be placed in a physical environment or on top of a customer’s existing OT hardware and easily configured to immediately collect, collate and stream data to the Splunk platform.

When combined with the Splunk platform, Splunk Edge Hub enables customers to:

  • Monitor environmental conditions, including water, temperature, humidity and gasses to quickly and efficiently identify and remediate problematic conditions.
  • Perform predictive analytics to identify anomalies in manufacturing processes and surface early indications of equipment maintenance needs or outages, to minimize operational downtime.
  • Achieve more comprehensive visibility across IT and OT environments to better detect, investigate and remediate threats and IT stressors from a single platform.
  • Build custom solutions through industry experts across environments that are historically difficult to extract data from, including transportation, oil and gas and supply chain, among others.

Supporting Quotes:

“At GrayMatter, we know getting business insight from your data is a challenge,” said Kemell Kassim, GrayMatter VP Cyber. “Partnering with Splunk allows us to facilitate data collection for customers and integrate in an easily consumable way.”

“Strategic Maintenance Solutions is thrilled to announce our partnership with Splunk to deliver the all-new Edge Hub,” said Jason Oney, President of Strategic Maintenance Solutions. “The Edge Hub enables us to provide our customers with an end-to-end solution for accessing industrial sensor, maintenance, and operations data at scale. With minimal configuration needed, data can now be seamlessly streamed into the Splunk Platform, allowing our customers to quickly start down the Industrial Transformation journey.”

“The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has been using Splunk for more than a decade as a part of our mission to serve our students, faculty, and researchers, so we were very interested in testing its latest offering, Splunk Edge Hub, to monitor our data center spaces,” said Nick Vance, Assistant Director, Data Innovation – Technology Services, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. “Spanning across 19,000 square feet, we are testing integrating sensors for room and rack temperatures and leak detection, ensuring we monitor temperature changes and flow as they fluctuate with infrastructure load. By sending data from these sensors into Splunk, we can more easily view it, expedite alerts and respond to issues before they become severe. The ability to stay ahead and respond quickly to any problems helps us protect tens of millions of dollars in equipment, so continually improving our monitoring technology is highly valuable for the University.”

“In today’s fast-paced business landscape, innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition. LG Electronics is leveraging Splunk Edge Hub to disrupt traditional industry models and drive innovation with edge computing and AI,” said Bongsu Cho, Vice President, AI & Big Data Division at LGE. “Splunk Edge Hub is enabling us to go beyond data and into automating our physical operations.”

“The only way to truly improve resilience is to be able to see everything going on within your organization,” said Tom Casey, SVP & GM of Products and Technology at Splunk. “Edge Hub is breaking down barriers and providing access to data that has historically been difficult to extract and integrate, to empower our customers with a level of visibility they have never had before. Our partners can use Splunk Edge Hub to build even more solutions across a multitude of industries that are tailor-made to their needs.”


Splunk Edge Hub will be exclusively distributed through authorized domain expert partners who can tailor the solution to solve critical business and operational challenges within their industries. Splunk Edge Hub is currently available on a Limited Availability Release in the United States, with plans to expand to EMEA and APAC. To learn about Splunk Edge Hub, connect with an authorized Splunk Edge Hub partner or to learn how to become an Splunk Edge Hub partner, visit https://www.edgehubcentral.com.

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