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“Our blog is more aimed at newbies who have a desire to get closer to the cryptocurrency market, to learn how certain mechanisms work. The material does not claim to be unique, but claims to be reliable in the areas where this reliability can be achieved. It is always enjoyable to read important information about the world of cryptocurrencies right on the service you use in your work. Our goal is to be a useful resource for our users,” says the company’s head of marketing.

About the company

The rapidly developing blockchain technology leaves no doubt that the future belongs to it. The absence of a single transaction tracking center, low fees, and no delays during transfers suggest that cryptocurrencies will first become an alternative to the banking system and then completely replace it.

Today, there are many services on the market that allow you to profitably invest in cryptocurrencies. One of them is the Cryptex cryptocurrency exchange. Along with the trading platform, Cryptex also has an exchange where you can convert between 6 different types of electronic currencies, including bitcoin.

Overview of the Cryptex Exchange features

Cryptex is an anonymous trading platform that allows exchanging fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies and electronic currencies (payment systems). No verification is required for any kind of transactions, you just need to specify an email and come up with a secure password. The company has the ability to accept and send bank transfers, accept and withdraw cash in more than 10 countries, as well as make P2P transfers between accounts in the system with no fees.

After registration on the exchange, you can already top up your balance, participate in trading, withdraw the money you have earned, and change the security settings.

Before making a deal, review the situation on the market. For this purpose, the site has handy “candlestick” charts, information on recent transactions, buy and sell orders for the currency pair of your choice.

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Mikhail Nalilovich