Cryptix launches what is likely to be the most future-proof apprenticeship in Switzerland


From August 2022, venture builder Cryptix AG will train apprentices, making it  one of the few companies in Switzerland that offers young people the chance to obtain an  education in future-oriented fields such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech and startups. 
There is probably no other industry where the demand for talent is currently as high as in the  blockchain and crypto sector. The pool of Swiss talent is limited. While courses of study and further  training are being greatly expanded, there is a lack of opportunities to complete basic training in this  area. The Zug-based company Cryptix has recognized this and is opening the doors to Crypto Valley  and the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and startups to a mediamatician starting this summer. 
Anika Sztarsich, Head of Corporate Communications and practical trainer in mediamatics at Cryptix, is  delighted about the opportunity to introduce young talents to this new world: “Our apprentice has  the chance to learn from industry experts, to work in an international team and to gain a foothold in  a future-proof and promising industry. I am convinced that these are the best prerequisites for a  successful start in the professional world.”  
Mediamaticians work and learn at the interface of marketing, IT and administration. During the four year apprenticeship at Cryptix, the apprentice will work with international teams for a wide variety of  startups in the fintech industry. In doing so, the apprentice will not only have his/her finger on the  pulse of the blockchain and crypto scene, but will also be able to actively participate in the  development of young companies and support startups in their first steps. For the third year of the  apprenticeship, a stage at the in-house research and development center, Cryptix Labs, in Vienna is  planned.  
TIE International takes over the complete basic training in the first year of the apprenticeship by  means of practical assignments and the implementation of training modules in the field of  mediamatics. In the second year of training, they join Cryptix. In the upper apprenticeship years, they  return to TIE International for individual, in-depth courses to expand their knowledge. After  successful completion of the apprenticeship, employment is sought, including the possibility of  various further training paths in the blockchain sector. 
Robin Röösli, Co-Founder and CFO of TIE International: “Crypto Valley has shown that it has grown  into a serious industry. With Cryptix AG, another attractive employer has decided to train its own ICT  talents – following the successful launch of Switzerland’s first blockchain apprenticeship together  with Inacta AG in 2021 – and grant a young person entry into the future industry. This is also a great  benefit for the Zug economy and society.”

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