NEW YORK & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dealpath the industry’s most trusted, purpose-built real estate platform, empowering hundreds of today’s leading institutions including Blackstone, Nuveen, Oxford Properties, AEW, UBS, Principal Real Estate, Starwood Property Trust, Bridge Investment Group, MetLife, New York Life, Manulife, DWS, CBRE IM, LaSalle, and many more — reported global client growth and market-leading product innovation at the close of 2023, positioning itself for continued expansion and momentum in 2024.

Through this turbulent market environment, I couldn’t be more proud that Dealpath has continued to compound growth through our client-centric approach to shape solutions for the biggest challenges that real estate investment managers face today,” said Mike Sroka, CEO and Cofounder of Dealpath. “We are grateful to partner with 7 of the top 10 institutional investors and countless more as we redefine investment management in today’s digital universe and age of AI.”

Institutional Investment Managers Choose Dealpath for Real Estate Deal Management

In 2023, Dealpath welcomed 75 new institutional clients including LaSalle, CBRE IM, DWS, Newmark, Gaw Capital, Sumitomo, Essex Property Trust, and Centurion, with firms headquartered in Italy, the U.K., Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, and over 40 cities across the U.S. For each client, Dealpath’s team of 20+ Customer Success professionals served as solution architects, providing consulting services informed by best practices and unrivaled expertise to create bespoke configurations aligned to their unique goals and investment strategies.

Dealpath’s impressive roster of hundreds of institutional clients grew significantly in 2023, further affirming the company’s position as the real estate industry’s most trusted deal management platform. Dealpath proudly supports 7 of the top 10 institutional investors globally, and is ranked the #1 Real Estate Deal and Portfolio Management Solution for:

  • Acquisitions
  • Dispositions
  • Development
  • Loan Origination

Dealpath’s robust client base and strong relationships have yielded momentous growth and market-leading retention, including expansion in over 100 client accounts and thousands of new users in 2023. To ensure clients’ evolving needs were met, Dealpath’s Leadership Team traveled to Dallas, Toronto, San Francisco, London, and New York throughout the year to meet with clients in their home cities and host roundtable client product council discussions on their artificial intelligence goals in order to best inform Dealpath’s product development.

Innovating to Elevate Data-Driven Precision and Unlock AI-Powered Efficiency

Throughout 2023, Dealpath has continued to invest tens of millions of dollars (USD) in product innovation to build out deal management solutions that enable firms of all sizes to maximize value creation with powerful automation, greater transparency, heightened data-driven precision and operational efficiency. Among other innovations, Dealpath’s team of 50+ Silicon Valley engineers and product managers launched the first set of AI-powered deal management solutions that further enhance deal screening, underwriting, due diligence, IC reporting, and portfolio insights. A brief summary of the innovations that Dealpath brought to clients over the past year includes:

Comps: Expanding on existing comparables functionality, Dealpath’s newly enhanced comps database makes it even easier for firms to create and add comparable data to newly created deals, strengthening their proprietary deal database of market intelligence while activating a data-driven competitive edge.

Models: Dealpath’s easy-to-use model comparison tool helps teams quickly identify which deals pencil out based on their target risk profiles, even if the most challenging financial scenario comes to fruition. Teams can better manage risk and gain clearer visibility into the impact of shifting market conditions by comparing up-to-date underwriting models to understand performance KPIs in bear, bull, and other investment scenarios.

Assets: Expanded support of Debt and Portfolio Management use cases: Dealpath has expanded its data structure and tooling for deeper support of debt origination along with both equity and debt portfolio management – building on the company’s vision to bring a clear view into the performance of owned assets overlaid with every opportunity in the market and comparisons to every asset and deal that clients have ever reviewed.

Loans: Dealpath has bolstered support for debt origination firms by launching new, purpose-built tooling enabling private credit firms, commercial banks and agency lenders to track multiple loans as part of one deal, with complete differentiation between various loan products based on unique investment strategies. Consequently, lenders can gain clearer visibility into their pipelines and create reports to project results with stronger conviction.

Conversations: Conversations in Dealpath will now make it even easier for teams to engage in ongoing commentary about key data points within a deal, property or asset, to streamline communication, memorialize decision context and leave a clear audit trail.

Dashboards: Building on robust data structures that already deliver the most precise, accurate and real-time insights in the real estate investment management software space, Dealpath’s new dashboards enable users to overlay various reports and data points to synthesize even more sophisticated visualizations of pipeline and investment performance.

Mobile: In early 2023, Dealpath released a reimagined version of Dealpath Mobile, which enables teams to track, manage, screen and analyze deals on the go. Users can now update deals wherever they are, review time-sensitive information while in transit, and even propose off-market deals on the spot, all from its newly redesigned user-friendly mobile app.

AI-Powered Search: Dealpath’s Global Search capability, including full document search, automatically associates terms and information to instantly deliver the most accurate results. Users can now access all of their deal documents and every data field through a smart search interface. The information they need is just a search away, maximizing time savings with quick discovery and navigation to the most relevant task.

AI-Powered Offering Memorandum Abstraction: Dealpath’s Data Ingestion (DDI), first launched in 2020, has been supercharged with AI to now extract key data fields from Deal Flyers and Offering Memorandums to create new deals and kickstart underwriting and comp analysis with high accuracy and measured in minutes rather than hours or days. Clients are increasing the number of deals evaluated by over 20%, building a rich proprietary comps database of every opportunity that comes across their desks, and saving thousands of hours of manual input to allow professionals to focus on real value-add work.

AI-Powered Investment Summary & Memo Generation (Coming Soon): Dealpath’s Investment Summary & Memo Generation leverages generative AI to interpret the contents of Deal Flyers and Offering Memorandums to instantly generate a clear, concise and beautifully formatted one page summary highlighting the merits of a deal and the risks to mitigate. This facilitates rapid identification of opportunities aligned with investment strategy for both senior executives and their investment teams to drive operational effectiveness and institutional knowledge.

Microsoft Word Add-In: Dealpath for Word is available now as a free Add-In in the Microsoft store, and enables clients to automatically generate formatted documents such as letters of intent, purchase and sales agreements, and many more by pulling in Dealpath data with complete control over branding and formatting preferences, eliminating time spent on manual entry or double-checking accuracy.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Dealpath and its leadership team continue to receive broad, industry-wide recognition for its category-defining innovation in real estate investment management. Awards won in 2023 include:

Global Company Expansion

In 2023, Dealpath announced it had opened new, expanded offices in New York (40 W. 57th St.), Toronto (240 Richmond St), and Austin, in addition to its headquarters in San Francisco.

Well Capitalized and Fully Funded for the Long-term

Since Dealpath announced in September 2022 the raise of its $43M Series C, an oversubscribed round led by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital who joined other [existing] institutional investors including Blackstone, Nasdaq, JLL, 8VC, and GreenSoil, the Company continues to be well-capitalized and fully funded to support long-term partnerships with leading firms and compounding annual growth.

Dealpath is committed to supporting its clients to invest in and responsibly make the most of our built world. The Dealpath team is just getting started, and couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead!


Sofia Braunstein

Account Executive