DeFi is expanding business among the next-gen via TikTok videos

Defi is expanding business by educating the next generation through TikTik videos

The Defi industry is booming! The decentralized finance market provides financial inclusion to around 1.7 billion across the world who do not possess a bank account, and reports claim that nearly half the world’s population does not possess access to an active bank account or have the same benefits, compared to those participating in traditional finance.
This is one of the major reasons why young crypto investors have been increasingly attracted to this domain. Financial inclusivity is something that the next-gen youngsters crave and currently, the domain is providing a proper incentive through social media videos.
Finance in Tiktok has become quite popular and is paramount for some youngsters. Translated as FinTok, finance-related content has experienced a meteoric rise on social media platforms. Just last year, #crypto exploded and videos and other forms of content based on this topic became quite popular.
Besides, videos with the #StockTok hashtag collected over 1.5 billion views. These money management videos are not just limited to the crypto and Defi market. The #PersonalFinance also garnered over 4 billion videos, which talked about everything, starting from tax and budgeting, savings, and debt.
Since 2021, young adults have been driven toward cryptocurrency adoption and trading, they are also educating themselves about finance and how to take care of their money. Experts believe that the future of Defi will expand if we continue to integrate crypto, finance, and Defi on Tiktok. Defi firms also need to engage with the right audiences in specific ways that will encourage those demographics to enter the domain, adopt more avant-garde technologies, and expose themselves to financial inclusivity.




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