Dimebox, a global payment technology provider, announced the release of Connect, expanding their powerful gateway platform with extensive connector capabilities. With Connect, payment service providers can quickly interface with potentially any third-party payment processor, import externally processed payments data, and add valuable inspection metadata to every transaction in real time.

Dimebox’s solutions, including transaction processing, fraud prevention, and data analytics, are all offered through one platform with a unified API. With Connect, clients can choose from a list of existing connections to go live within days, and Dimebox can integrate new third-party connections on demand within weeks.

Connect features three unique types of connectors:

  • Processors offer a broad selection of payment processing options, enabling clients to choose from a menu of ready-to-use card acquiring processors and alternative payment methods, or to request new ones. Multiple processors can be used with a given merchant account, one for each unique payment method, providing a high level of transaction routing capability.

  • Importers enable transaction data relating to payments processed elsewhere to be imported into the Dimebox database to facilitate reporting and analysis alongside payments processed natively.

  • Inspectors scan through the details of a transaction request and use third-party data sources to add additional metadata in real time, such as IP geolocation or card attribute analysis, providing opportunities to improve the accuracy of fraud prevention and customer analytics.

“A key mission at Dimebox is to facilitate the success of our clients by providing them with flexible and powerful payments infrastructure. We enable them to quickly connect to a range of third-party services, freeing them to focus valuable resources on creating the most value for their customers.” said David Jokinen, Chief Product Officer of Dimebox.

About Dimebox

Dimebox is the payment technology provider of the future offering their payment solutions through one platform and a single API. They are the only provider of a full-stack acquiring solution that is completely white-label and flexible enough to embrace new payment methods and innovations quickly and effortlessly.

Dimebox goes beyond payment processing by offering their clients a modular and white-label PaaS solution which includes fully integrated risk management, a fraud engine powered by machine learning, chargeback automation and billing & settlement capabilities enriched with smart data analytics. The result is a powerful end-to-end processing solution enabling real-time decision-making throughout the entire payments value chain. With offices in Amsterdam and Brisbane, Dimebox provides clients from all over the world with solid and innovative payment technology.