EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DiRx–A new, digital pharmacy model called DiRx (pronounced Directs) promises to make prescription medicine more accessible and affordable for all Americans. Currently, 15 million uninsured and underinsured Americans abandon a pharmacy purchase because of expense and frustration.

We believe there should be equal access to medicine for all people — regardless of whether you have insurance,” explains DiRx Chief Executive Officer Satish Srinivasan. “The costs of manufactured generic medicines are already low, so we focused on creating a platform that would pass those low costs directly to the consumer. We’ve captured that simple, very direct process in our name — DiRx.”

The pharmacy experience is coming apart at the seams,” Chief Operating Officer Ben Maizel relates. “Manufacturers are being pushed out of business, doctors have lost their authority in prescribing medication, pharmacists aren’t compensated to consult, and consumers can’t afford the lifesaving medication they need.

Enter DiRx, an innovative, new digital delivery model with an abridged supply chain that eliminates the need for health insurance companies or a pharmacy benefit manager.

Since 65% of consumers’ out-of-pocket prescription costs are spent on generics even for insured consumers, we have reworked the economics and drawn a straight line from supply to demand,” says Srinivasan. “We eliminated the need to drive to the pharmacy, the possibility of being denied, or the risk of finding a medicine to be cost-prohibitive. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this service direct to your doorstep through any mobile device.”

Maizel notes the pharmacist has a unique role. “The pharmacist knows more about the drugs than the physician — the physician knows the disease state — but the pharmacist can talk to you about the interactions of the drugs, the best drug to take or what impact the differences between manufacturers can have. That’s why our service team is such a crucial part of the business.”

Chief Marketing Officer Simone Grapini-Goodman describes the growing population of people who need this alternative. “About 40 million Americans are uninsured today. And 60 million adults with health issues did not seek treatment over the last year due to costs.”

One striking example of the need for DiRx is the country’s current diabetes situation. There are more than 34 million diabetics in the United States, but more than 8 million do not have insurance coverage. “They should all be able to easily access their needed medication. We’re here to change that dynamic,” noted Grapini-Goodman.

About DiRx

DiRx is an online pharmacy that delivers savings on commonly prescribed, FDA-approved generic medicines without the need for insurance. Founded by industry experts, DiRx draws a straight line from supply to demand to streamline the path between the manufacturer and the consumer. This lowers costs and makes more medicine accessible to more people. DiRx offers a viable model for businesses and community organizations while simplifying how consumers fill, pay for and receive maintenance medicines. To learn more, visit DiRxHealth.com.


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