Document management company changes name to reflect their full spectrum of data and business automation services

SPRINGFIELD, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DRS Imaging Services, which specializes in digital document conversion and management, announced today that it has changed its name to Daida. This change follows a merger with like-minded companies Imagetek, Doculynx, and Integra. The new name reflects the full suite of combined services the new company offers, as well as the power of data to transform the lives of the customers they serve.

Since 1964, DRS Imaging has provided high quality and efficient means of document imaging, scanning, and management. The change displays their continued devotion to the latest in business tech innovations, incorporating AI for artificial intelligence, A for automation and analytics, and I for innovation. Natalie Schubert takes over as CEO to unify the merged companies under a shared vision.

“Leveraging the talent, decades of experience & offerings of these four organizations positions Daida uniquely in the market,” said Schubert. “This US diversity-owned and led business brings a national footprint, allowing our customers a partner to help them leverage the power of Data and Information to rethink how they grow their businesses and better serve their customers.”

About Daida

Daida uses data, information, and insights to change outcomes and increase their clients’ agility in a rapidly changing atmosphere. The document management and business automation services and software they provide unlocks the power of data to make companies better, faster, and stronger.