Educate the Cryptommunity and win a free Bitcoin

Following the success of the first JACKMATE monthly giveaway, FortuneJack are back with another free bitcoin giveaway this April.

Last month, Crypto-gaming expert Ryan Shields had become the first winner to get a free BTC prize for creating the website and received 1 BTC as a result.

This month, they are stepping away from general impact and getting a lot more specific – crypto influencers, traders, and enthusiasts are encouraged to pick one specific cryptocurrency and tweet a fundamental analysis with the hashtag #JACKMATE.

How to Win

To stand a chance of taking home a prize each month, each participant must share a brief explanation of their fundamental analysis in the related Discord thread on the FortuneJack channel. Participants should remember to share the link or full post and include the hashtag #JACKMATE.

The more unique and creative the content, the higher the likelihood of catching the judges’ attention. And at the end of the month, the winner gets a free Bitcoin for educating the Twitter crypto community.

Follow these steps for a quick read way to win #JACKMATE this April:

Step 1: Choose one cryptocurrency of your choice.

Step 2: Use the hashtag #JACKMATE and tweet a short fundamental analysis.

Step 3: Share your analysis on the FortuneJack Discord Channel.

Step 4: Stay tuned every month to find out if you’re the lucky winner.

The unique influencer with the standout initiative will be chosen by the FortuneJack team and the winner’s name will be announced on the FortuneJack blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well on the Discord channel.

On 30 April, FortuneJack’s panel of judges will choose one lucky cryptommunity member and reward them with one whole bitcoin based on the activity, creativity, and reach of their crypto-project, whether on or offline.

Here’s why FortuneJack is so excited about this giveaway:

Founder and CEO of FortuneJack, Jaba Dolidze says:

“For this giveaway, the possibilities are endless. There’s a nearly countless number of potential coins to highlight. And there’s a whole community of interested people who need and rely on insight.

Since our inception in 2014, FortuneJack has been at the forefront of offering the cryptommunity the latest games, currencies and easiest cash-out systems, all while remaining closely engaged with our players. Four years later, we want to thank our community of loyal fortune-chasers and cryptocurrency advocates for their dedication to the community and for sharing with us the vital feedback that’s helped us grow to one of the leading cryptocurrency casino’s globally.

So, the only thing left to do is figure out what coin to focus on. But chances are, if this is the contest for you, you already have one in mind.”

Keep an eye out for the announcement after 30 April to find out the first lucky winner of ONE WHOLE BITCOIN! If you don’t win this month, don’t be discouraged – FortuneJack will be giving away one bitcoin each month up until August.