Elevator Lab Demo Day 2021: Zentity wins the Best Pitch Award


Elevator Lab, powered by RBI, organized its annual Demo Day on the 10th of June  2021. Unlike the previous events, the Demo Day took place in a digital format due to  the COVID-19 crisis. 

The event featured the launch of the new digital format of the CEE Fintech Atlas, a  website providing information and an overview of the CEE fintech startup scene  (cee-fintechatlas.com). The Atlas also features macro-economic data for 19 CEE  countries. From the beginning, the goal of the CEE Fintech Atlas was to share RBI’s  knowledge and expertise on fintech startups as well as technology and digitalization  topics with a broader audience. It aims to create more connectivity and synergies  between the banking industry and the fintech startup community, while creating an  increased awareness of the emerging, innovative, and interesting fintech startups  as well as technology solutions. The website will be a constantly updated source of  information. 

The second part of the event included a showcase of the achievements and efforts  of the fintechs and their mentors that participated in the Elevator Lab Partnership  Program Tracks in 2020, as well as the Winner of the Regional Elevator Lab Challenge in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia 2020. The finalists that presented their video pitches were: 

iFactor – Advanced Analytics and Loyalty Solutions Elevator Lab Program track  finalist. Founded in Romania in 2016, iFactor is the first fintech offering an  alternative SME lending hybrid marketplace that brings together liquidity-seeking  SMEs, banks, and private investors looking for short-term, high yield investments. 

Synerise – Advanced Analytics and Loyalty Solutions Elevator Lab Program track  finalist. A Polish fintech founded in 2013, working in the field of AI, Big Data, and  Advanced Analytics. From its founding to this day, Synerise has attracted many  

global corporate customers, and is currently working with some of the biggest retail  and financial services companies. 

Finlync – Value added Services Elevator Lab Program track finalist. Founded in 2015,  FinLync strives to make corporate finance faster and more secure as well as more  streamlined and more intuitive. Therefore, it has developed native treasury apps  which give corporate treasurers complete and direct control of their data. FinLync’s  largest clients include Fortune 2000 and Fortune 500 companies.

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