Smart Farm supports agribusiness with satellite imagery services, telemetry, weather stations, soil sampling and data processing

WINNIPEG, Manitoba–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Embratel announces the launch of the Smart Farm solutions platform to boost the adoption of connectivity and digital tools in agribusiness. The new solution unites state-of-the-art technologies and connectivity and was developed together with Farmers Edge (TSX: FDGE), which specializes in digital agricultural solutions, to create an innovative, more sustainable and connected ecosystem to support strategic decision-making in the field.

The platform includes high-resolution satellite imagery services, weather stations, telemetry, soil sampling, data processing with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, data management application, as well as support and customized training for farmers.

Through Smart Farm Embratel works for its customers in the field allowing them making effectively decisions about the various stages of their business, from planting to harvesting,” says Adriano Rosa, Executive Director of Embratel. According to the executive, the objective is to help in the technological development of agribusiness, providing modern solutions to ensure greater quality, productivity and safety on farms. “We are very happy to offer innovative solutions to this segment that is so important for Brazil,” he says.

To support the implementation, trusteeship, and support of the digitalization of farms, Embratel offers its technology specialists, who are also capable of integrating other IT and Telecom solutions according to the needs of customers in the field. “Our experience in the sector can help increase productivity in the field and make better use of areas,” explains Embratel’s executive director, highlighting that Claro’s high-quality connectivity is already embedded in the solutions to ensure continuous access to agribusiness monitoring and management data. Systems can also include Internet of Things (IoT) devices capable of running on their own for the measurement of all fronts, including soil, water quantity, and even fertilizer. “Our customers can benefit from a complete offer to transform their agricultural business,” says Eduardo Polidoro, Director of IoT at Claro.

The Smart Farm platform is available to the market with four modules:

  • Smart Imagery: provides high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery, as well as unique maps of the farms. Through the management of this data, the automatic detection of possible pests, diseases, nutritional deficiencies, climatic injuries, application failures, equipment malfunctions and drainage problems are made. When recognizing a change, the solution automatically notifies the farmer so that the necessary corrections can be made.
  • Smart Insite: operates crop monitoring and digital agriculture with a special focus on climate. The solution enables and improves agronomic decisions through data capture in the field and allows for predictive analysis and modeling. It consists of a weather station that collects information on weather conditions, such as humidity, temperature, precipitation in real time; and offers high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery. In this way, it is possible to have knowledge of the microclimate of the property, better programming operations according to weather conditions.
  • Smart: the solution unites the technologies and functionalities of the Smart Imagery and Smart Insite offerings, adding the use of telemetry to monitor equipment, such as harvesters, in real time. Telemetry allows tracking of machinery, also providing route history and other indicators. Thus, operations are monitored, enabling immediate adjustments in case of incorrect use of equipment, such as inadequate traffic speed. It also allows the identification of possible operational failures and fuel use savings.
  • Smart VR: the solution brings the functionalities and technologies of the Smart offer, in addition to an agronomic consultancy that performs soil sampling and analysis, enabling the optimization and correct application of inputs, fertilizers and correctives, through planting maps. The solution supports the promotion of resource savings and the adoption of sustainable best practices.

All these solutions have a management application that presents in real time all the indicators collected by the tools, benefiting the programming of operations and the performance of predictive procedures to improve the harvesting process.

We are excited to partner with Embratel in our mission to modernize Brazilian agriculture. This strategic alliance will help farmers make decisions with more information in hand, increase productivity and drive efficiency in their operations,” said Celso Macedo, Vice President of Latin America at Farmers Edge.

Our partnership with Embratel reflects our commitment to providing best-in-class solutions that address the unique challenges faced by farmers in Brazil’s rural areas and improve digital adoption. Together, we are working towards a more sustainable and digitally connected future for agriculture in Brazil,” says Vibhore Arora, CEO of Farmers Edge.

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Embratel is one of Brazil’s leading digital solutions providers. It is an enabler of the digital transformation of companies in all segments and a leader in telecommunications with its high-level infrastructure. Embratel provides solutions such as Cloud Computing, Data Center, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Professional Services, Connectivity and Collaboration, Omnichannel, Robotic Process Automation, data transmission, video, Internet, corporate mobile telephony, fixed telephony, domestic and international long distance, as well as a series of other solutions to support the business and corporate market in its journey of growth in the new digital economy. Acting in the development, implementation and management of convergent solutions, Embratel is widely recognized for delivering services with excellence and a focus on customer experience. Embratel is part of Claro and more information is available on the website

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