$EPIK Prime Token Will Drive Development and Advancement of Cross-Chain Gaming Projects and Protocols around NFTs and Brand Licensing for Digital Merchandise

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Epik, which helps businesses license and produce immersive blockchain-powered in-game experiences and NFTs, announced that it will partner with Huobi Global to launch its membership token, $EPIK, through their Huobi Prime program. Epik will be Huobi Prime #8 and will be available for sale on August 27th, 2021. Huobi Prime is a selective program that introduces new, cutting-edge asset projects to cryptocurrency traders. Epik has created the world’s largest decentralized and cross-chain compatible network for digital collectibles, in-game experiences, and NFTs that gamers can utilize across both mainstream and crypto-based games comprising of over 300 game companies and one billion gamers.

For brands and IP owners, Epik’s blockchain-powered capabilities present a low-risk opportunity for brands to explore the NFT space and get access to distribute NFTs across the world’s largest network of game companies and crypto marketplaces. Epik’s technology and brand partnerships allow for major gaming companies to engage with their audience in an entirely new way: by monetizing limited-edition collectibles to share with loyal fans and players within the gaming community.

Epik is one of the few companies to successfully be a part of the Huobi Prime program run by Huobi Global, a Tier-1 crypto exchange with an average $8.9B USD in trading volume every 24 hours. Acceptance into Huobi’s program for a primary listing means an extremely high level of due diligence has been conducted on Epik and the $EPIK Prime token examining the legitimacy, revenues and overall health of the company.

“We are pleased to announce Epik’s launch through our Huobi Prime program. We are dedicated to finding the best projects out there, and $EPIK Prime’s unique value proposition for brands and gaming companies stood out to us,” said Ciara Sun, Vice President of Huobi Global.

$EPIK Prime is a membership token that powers a robust loyalty reward program which offers new products, services, and benefits to token holders such as earning exclusive rewards, the ability to pre-order items and digital collectibles, access to impossible to get in-game NFTs and chances to win random NFT prizes.

$EPIK Prime will also provide benefits to holders in the Epikverse. The Epikverse is the name of the digital ecosystem and technology behind Epik’s consumer-facing capabilities – a truly innovative and disruptive virtual world experience. The Epikverse consists of a number of unique “micro-verses” that exist within other video game metaverses. As such, the Epikverse acts as a gateway between worlds, providing an interconnected network across any game in which another Epikverse exists. Through this network, users can buy, sell, and trade all forms of NFTs and digital merchandise, or even enjoy a live virtual event together with their friends, all while logged in to entirely different games. Players simply need to have an existing account (or create a new one) within each of the games they wish to engage in through the Epikverse.

“The Epikverse is the network of railroad tracks needed for cross-chain, cross-platform interoperability,” said Epik CEO Victor David. “We’ve created an ambitious and evolutionary framework that will make getting on- and off-chain, or in and out of metaverses, perfectly seamless. Epik is bringing web3 experiences and capabilities to the mainstream gaming world.”

What truly sets Epik apart is the trust that it has with titans in the gaming industry. Epik’s client list features over half of the top 25 game companies in the world. Most recent collaborations include Gameloft’s Asphalt 9, one of the world’s largest mobile games downloaded over 1 billion times. Through this partnership, Epik helped Gameloft launch the AAA gaming platform’s first foray into NFTs, with exclusive in-game digital collectibles and NFTs from the popular racing game made available for purchase on Epik’s marketplace. This collaboration was history making and an exciting event for the entire mainstream gaming and collectibles industry and a major leap forward for the mass adoption of blockchain technologies.

The Huobi Prime $EPIK token launch announcement follows their recent private sale on Daomaker, a leading crypto launchpad, where $EPIK shattered their all-time high record for most user registrations. Users from Daomaker rushed to get access to invest into #EPIK signaling intense interest and confidence for the mainstream crypto company.

Epik has made tremendous progress and in the last 45 days since launching the $EPIK Prime platform, Epik has revealed major video game NFT partnerships with two games with over one billion downloads, Asphalt 9 and Garena’s Free Fire, along with two of the leading avatar-based games, Avakin Life and Second Life. Additionally, Epik has been selected to be the official NFT provider for 9/11 Day and the 20th anniversary of 9/11 National Day of Service, and has orchestrated the first ever multi-game charity campaign to support the nonprofit bringing awareness to millions of users around the world.

About Huobi Group

Huobi Group, a world-leading blockchain company, was founded in 2013 to make breakthroughs in core blockchain technology and further its integration with other industries. Huobi Group’s business scope has expanded to include public blockchains, digital asset trading, wallets, mining pools, proprietary investments, incubation, digital asset research, and more. Huobi Group has established a global, digital ecosystem by investing in over 60 upstream and downstream companies in the blockchain industry.

About Epik

With more than 300 video game clients, Epik is the leading global licensing agency putting brands into video games to produce premium digital items and experiences for over one billion gamers worldwide with the largest digital ecosystem with hundreds of the world’s most popular entertainment brands. Epik is widely considered to be the blockchain industry leader producing collaborations for premium licensed digital collectables, NFTs and exclusive experiences powered by an interoperable proprietary cross-chain technology. Epik was the first and only NFT company to do any deals with AAA gaming companies for NFTs. Clients include ViacomCBS, Warner Music, Garena, Tencent and Universal.


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