SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fat Projects Acquisition Corp. (FATP), who recently filed for a proposed US$100 million IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) sponsored by an affiliate of Fat Projects Pte. Ltd., today announced the appointment of its board of Non-Executive Directors, effective immediately. This will be followed by the announcement of Senior Advisory Board appointments.

The board of Non-Executive Directors of Fat Projects Acquisition Corp. comprises five individuals including Abel Martins Alexandre, Christina Wyer, Stanton Sugarman, Samir Addamine, and Alejandro Lopez Bono. They were chosen with the objective of ensuring a range of vital skill sets and diversity of Public Markets, M&A and operational experience was available to the Company.

Abel Martins Alexandre will serve as Chair of the Audit Committee. Mr. Alexandre has 25 years of experience that spans international banking and FTSE100 corporate on four continents, with an acute understanding of business strategy and development, corporate finance and M&A, governance and risk management. Mr. Alexandre held a number of strategy and business development roles in Rio Tinto, was more recently Head of Commercial Treasury from August 2016 to May 2019, and Group Treasurer from June 2019 to March 2021, and a member of its Commercial Senior Leadership Team and Finance Leadership Team in these capacities.

Tina Wyer will serve as Chair of the Compensation Committee. Mrs. Wyer has over 23 years’ experience, holding several C-suite roles, responsible for driving major change and transformation agendas across both the business and technology domains. Mrs. Wyer recently retired from J.P. Morgan Chase as a Managing Director after a successful 17-year career carrying numerous senior roles including Chief Data Officer (firmwide), Corporate Technology – Asia Head, CFO Australia and New Zealand among others.

Stanton Sugarman’s 30-year career has seen him playing pioneering roles in the digitization of advertising, media & content, and most recently driving SaaS in the fastest growing region of the world. Mr. Sugarman has contributed significantly to the rapid growth of SaaS business models – especially in the areas of marketing, sales, CRM and commerce, previously defining the customer adoption strategy for the C-Suite for Salesforce in Europe and Asia Pacific and was Chief Customer Officer APAC for Salesforce based out of Singapore. Mr. Sugarman is currently co-owner and Chief Commercial Officer of Gaia AG a digital therapeutics company.

Samir Addamine is a serial entrepreneur and innovation leader in the technology industry and currently a board member of the Forbes Technology Council. He is well recognized as an expert in mobile and digital marketing and has advised some of the world’s leading brands on how to move towards a mobile-driven ecosystem. In April 2014, Mr. Addamine incorporated FollowAnalytics, Inc., a Delaware corporation, to further develop Follow-apps. Key partners include Salesforce, Adobe, and Microsoft, who recommend, distribute, and integrate FollowAnalytics solutions. Mr. Addamine more recently founded Absolute Labs, a blockchain software company for enterprise.

Alex Bono has more than 23 years of experience in Asia and Europe with a strong track record in digital and technology across large corporations and technology start-ups. Currently, Mr. Bono is the Chief Digital Officer of DKSH based in Singapore, providing digital leadership to the market expansion service company with $11.6 billion revenue in 2020 (SIX Swiss Exchange: DKSH), developing and implementing digital transformation across 36 countries and 4 large business units with strong focus on innovative business models. Prior to joining DKSH, Mr. Bono was Chief Executive Officer of Habbitz Ltd. in Hong Kong, an e-commerce company by PCCW Limited.

“We are thrilled to announce our board of Non-Executive Directors,” said David Andrada, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. “We intend to be actively involved in the strategy and operations of our target companies and have assembled a number of seasoned corporate executives and professional advisors to serve as our independent directors.”

“These executives have been chosen for their extensive sector experience – within mergers and acquisitions, venture capital/private equity and technology sectors – or for their extensive executive and operational experience in managing successful and often disruptive high-growth companies and financial strategies,” said Tristan Lo, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. “We couldn’t hope for a more qualified team.”

“Our independent directors will provide a broad network of operational experience, various industry perspectives, and management capabilities to supplement our management’s network of potential target opportunities,” said Nils Michaelis, President, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Mergers & Acquisition. “We are very excited to work with them in identifying great tech-led businesses in Southeast Asia.”

Fat Projects Acquisition Corp. intends to identify, merge with and take public a business that is well positioned to deliver superior growth across Southeast Asia. Its management is associated with Fat Projects Pte. Ltd., which was established by Mr. Andrada and Mr. Lo in 2015.

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.


About Fat Projects Acquisition Corporation

Fat Projects Acquisition Corporation has assembled a team of executives and entrepreneurs from some of the most successful multinational companies in the world to lead our SPAC. The sponsor team structure was carefully designed to provide relevant experience and networks in the region, ensure the success of the SPAC and the continued growth of the business it acquires. The team brings a combined 100+ years of relevant market experience in Southeast Asia, directly related to sustainability, finance, supply chain, e-commerce and big data and how to monetize B2C and B2B relationships in a digital world. For more information, visit

About Fat Projects Private Limited

Fat Projects is a Singapore headquartered investment and venture studio established in 2015 with growth capital deployed across a portfolio of assets in Technology, Fintech, Education, Hospitality, E-commerce, Food Technology. Our mission is to build and accelerate entrepreneurial projects with fun, talented, resilient, and ethically committed people; with a laser focus on unlocking shareholder value.

The company was co-founded by David Andrada and Tristan Lo, two partners who respectively bring a nexus between 20 years of high end global banking and a 20 year career built on entrepreneurialism. These polarising skill sets come together to provide a very unique approach when creating new projects in-house or accelerating existing projects we join.

We have two parts to our studio. Firstly, we love building start-ups. Fat Projects takes a hands-on approach to its own ventures through deployment of its own capital, identifying co-founders and assisting with strategy, technology and further capital initiatives along the way. Secondly, we love accelerating emerging growth companies who are looking to scale and solve big problems through a tech-enabled and entrepreneurial approach. For more information, visit


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