FBS launches online trading school - FBS trading bootcamp

The main objective of the school is to guide traders through the FX world and teach them to earn money or how to use social trading during the world crisis. While in self-isolation, the bootcamp members will learn to trade on the news, apply technical analysis, and stay updated on the Forex market volatility.
Online classes will be available on the FBS official page on Facebook from April, 8 to April, 24. FBS Trading Bootcamp includes four lessons presented by the best FBS analysts. Those who join will be able to take an active part in the discussions and ask their questions in the comments.

The schedule and basic topics агe:
Lesson 1. How to benefit from the news.
The analysts will get to the bottom of trading on news and economic releases explaining how to make money on world events. The students will learn the basics of fundamental analysis and get to know what moment is more appropriate for trading.

Lesson 2. Technical analysis in times of high volatility.
Technical analysis (TA) is a method of predicting the future performance of an asset’s price based on its historical performance. The tutor will explain what kind of technical tools to use and how to distinguish potentially good trading signals from the bad ones in the volatile market.

Lesson 3. Psychological approach of the winners.
Students will get an idea of how to deal with stress when the price goes up, stay calm and confident, and lose no market opportunities.

Lesson 4. How to enter the market at the right time
During this class, the analyst will summarize the results and tell how to pick the best levels for opening a trade.
Certificates Upon finishing all the lessons, bootcampers will be asked to take a quiz and get a follow-up after it. Once the test is passed, the students will get the course completion certificate.

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