• Opening a Resware order triggers Flueid Decision, front loading data at the start of the title production process without having to leave Resware
  • The integration natively embeds and delivers data, insights and underwriter-backed clearance decisions to streamline process and support a predictable transaction, every time

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flueid, the leading real estate technology company using data and insights to fuel transactions from end-to-end, today announced that Flueid Decision, the company’s patented SaaS platform, is now integrated with Resware, a leading title production system in the U.S. that is part of the Qualia suite of products. This milestone marks the second integration for Flueid with a leading title production system (TPS), natively embedding and delivering data, insights and underwriter-backed clearance decisions upfront in the title workflow to streamline process and support a predictable transaction, every time.

“Integration is central to driving newfound speed and collaboration across the real estate life cycle to support our clients – and ultimately the consumer – with the best transaction experience possible,” said Matt Regan, Executive Vice President of Transaction Management Platforms at Flueid. “We’ve long partnered with title leaders to digitally enhance traditional best practices and processes with our platform. By integrating with the Resware product, we hope to further simplify Resware users’ processes by making data more accessible in a system they already know and love.”

The Resware product, which was added into Qualia’s suite of products in 2020 as part of its acquisition of Adeptive Software, streamlines and automates the title production workflow process for optimum productivity and efficiency.

“At Qualia, we believe that technology can transform real estate transactions into simple, secure, and enjoyable experiences for everyone involved,” said Brian Thome, Vice President of Customer Success at Qualia. “As we continue to invest in Qualia’s Resware product line, we believe that connecting with the right partners, such as Flueid, enables productivity and efficiency for title by creating a reliable and consistent settlement ecosystem.”

The Resware-Flueid integration creates a single decisioning workflow for an efficient transaction process. With Flueid Decision, Resware users can:

  • Immediately analyze possible property and consumer title underwriting issues
  • Receive decisions from one or more national title underwriters without changing workflows
  • Save time and cost by receiving those decisions in under a minute
  • Provide lenders control of their pipeline by bringing the title clearance decision to the start of their transaction

Those interested in Flueid’s integration with Resware, can contact sales@flueid.com to request more information. To learn more about Flueid, its products, integrated partners, services or leadership team, please visit: https://www.flueid.com/.

About Flueid

Flueid is on a mission to make the rigid real estate process more fluid – fueling transactions with data and insights to make them easily flow from start to finish. The company’s independent, patented SaaS platform unlocks data and embeds it into core operating systems of point-of-sale (POS) platforms, lender operating systems (LOS), title production systems (TPS), servicing platforms and marketplaces to fuel decision-making across market segments in the real estate journey. Intentionally sitting at the intersection of insurtech, proptech and fintech, Flueid’s focused on building solutions that make data more accessible and communication more seamless across the real estate life cycle for an enhanced consumer experience and a predictable transaction every time. For more information, please visit https://www.flueid.com/.

About Qualia

Qualia is the leading comprehensive digital closing platform used by title, escrow, real estate and mortgage lending professionals to transform home buying and selling into simple, secure, enjoyable experiences for millions of homeowners each year. The Qualia platform provides a system of record for the real estate settlement ecosystem, on one secure operating system, through a suite of workflow, accounting, reporting, and communications products as well as its expansive product and service integrations. Qualia is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has offices in Austin, TX, and Superior, CO. For more information on Qualia, visit www.qualia.com.


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