Developer-centric Marketing Leader with Experience at Heroku, Salesforce, and Apple Joins Skyflow to Define Data Privacy Category and Drive Growth

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#API–Today, Skyflow announced that Paul Kopacki, who helped create new categories as marketing executive in previous leadership roles at Realm, Heroku and Salesforce, has joined the company. He will lead marketing and growth for Skyflow’s data privacy vault for enterprise, fintech and healthcare companies.

Since the company exited stealth with $25 million in total funding, a number of experts in data privacy, payment transactions and healthcare applications have joined as executive leaders or strategic advisors, including Bjorn Ovick, Fawad Butt, Jonathan Bush and Jeffrey Immelt. They join a growing community of customers and partners dedicated to solving the privacy problems that get in the way of innovation and open collaboration.

Skyflow’s approach to PII, payments, and healthcare data radically simplifies how companies manage, access and govern their sensitive data. The zero-trust data vault with an elegant API allows developers to quickly build applications and workflows without worrying about data security, privacy or data regulations. Skyflow’s solutions for fintech and healthtech are fully compliant with standards such as PCI for payments and PHI and HIPAA for healthcare. By supporting most industry use cases out of the box, each Skyflow data privacy cloud can be deployed for software developers in a matter of hours.

Prior to Skyflow, Kopacki held CMO or vice president of marketing roles at a number of software companies including: Realm, a leader in data synchronization between enterprise and mobile or IOT devices; Heroku, a Salesforce company and pioneer in platform-as-a-service (PaaS); and Salesforce, where he led developer marketing. He is also a director at Vaadin, the open-source platform for modern web apps.

“Skyflow is building a generational company. Just as Heroku made complex deployment and scaling problems easy for developers with its innovative platform, Skyflow is empowering developers with its developer-friendly data privacy vault API. Skyflow allows you to easily build secure apps that handle sensitive personal, financial, and healthcare data while maintaining privacy and compliance,” said Kopacki. “It’s time to solve the privacy problem at the fundamental architectural level, and Skyflow is delivering a radically simple approach that puts developers in control.”

“We created Skyflow because we reject the false tradeoff between data security and data collaboration. Nobody should have to choose one or the other— they should have the best of both worlds,” said Anshu Sharma, CEO and co-founder at Skyflow. “Paul’s extensive knowledge of the API and SaaS economies will help us create new conversations about data privacy infrastructure best practices with customers and partners.”

For additional information, see the Skyflow blog.

About Skyflow

Founded in 2019, Skyflow is a data privacy vault for sensitive data. The company was founded by former Salesforce executives Anshu Sharma (CEO) and Prakash Khot (CTO) who wanted to radically transform how businesses handle users’ financial, healthcare and other personal data that powers the digital economy. Skyflow is based in Palo Alto, California, with offices in Bangalore, India. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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