MONTREAL & CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Explorance is excited to announce the rebranding of BlueML to MLY, a revolutionary advancement in the field of feedback analytics. Pronounced as “mi-lee”, MLY signifies both gentle strength and unwavering dedication, encapsulating the essence of this innovative AI platform. Explorance MLY represents the intersection of machine learning (ML) and the pursuit of answers (Y), where AI-powered feedback analysis becomes a powerful tool to understand and amplify the Voices of Employees and Students in Human Resources (HR) and Higher Education (HE) domains.

MLY empowers organizations in both these domains to improve experiences with data-informed insights. For students, it helps enhance teaching methods and curriculum through the evaluation of student learning experiences, ensuring overall student satisfaction and engagement. In the realm of HR, MLY aids in the assessment and improvement of the employee experience, offering insights into employee engagement and development for a positive work environment and career growth. The platform integrates crucial components such as psychological safety, feedback literacy, and inclusion into its framework, fostering an environment conducive to growth and inclusivity.

Moreover, MLY consolidates feedback data from various sources, including course evaluations, surveys, and external reviews from platforms like Glassdoor and Google, providing organizations with a comprehensive view of feedback in a user-friendly, cloud-based interface represented in an easily accessible dashboard.

Samer Saab, CEO and Founder of Explorance, expresses his excitement about MLY, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the new brand MLY for our BlueML. MLY brings highly specialized and decision-grade insights for academic and HR leaders, enabling them to make changes that matter most. It represents a significant leap forward in feedback analytics, equipping organizations to harness the true potential of employee and student feedback to drive performance and excellence.”

With MLY, organizations can convert feedback into actionable insights by analyzing and categorizing 1 million comments per hour, aligning employee and student input with organizational objectives, thus improving the overall experience.

To experience the transformative power of MLY firsthand, join us at HRTech and EDUCAUSE events. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness how MLY revolutionizes feedback analytics and shapes the future of HR and Higher Education.

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About Explorance

Founded in 2003, Explorance supports more than 20 million people in their individual journeys of purpose, growth, and impact. As the leading provider of next-generation Feedback Analytics solutions, Explorance empowers organizations with actionable decision-making by measuring employees’ and students’ needs, expectations, skills, knowledge, and competencies. Explorance facilitates continuous improvement and accelerates the insight-to-action cycle leading to personal growth and organizational agility. Headquartered in Montreal with business units in Chicago, Chennai, Melbourne, Amman, and London. Explorance works with 25% of the Fortune 100 and 30% of the top Higher Education institutions, including 8 of the world’s top 10 business schools. The company has clients in more than 50 countries.


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