PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#airless–GACW Incorporated (“Global”), an engineering company driven to transform the mining tire industry with advanced mechanical wheel solutions addressing unmet needs, is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Independent Director, Mr. Britt Johnson, effective immediately. Mr. Johnson is a recently retired executive who comes with more than 40 years of experience across the mining tire maintenance chain.

Dr. Zoltan Kemeny, Chair of Global’s Board of Directors, commented, “I am extremely pleased to welcome Mr. Johnson to our Board. He brings a wealth of experience as a business leader with over 17 years working in the mining industry and 16 years servicing it with business he and his partner created, enriching the character and depth of discussion at the Board. His experience at D&D Tire and extensive knowledge of the Off-the-Road mining landscape is directly relevant to Global, which anticipates several near-term commercialization catalysts relating to its flagship patented technology, the Air Suspension Wheel.”

Mr. Johnson stated: “This is an exciting time to join Global’s Board of Directors; with upcoming field-tests with large mining companies to support the development of its mechanical non-pneumatic technology with commercialization roll-out plans in 2022. I look forward to contributing to Global’s growth and commercial success.”

Mr. Britt Johnson is currently Managing Member of Retiremen LLC and Managing Member of Sunrise Minerals. The common theme now and throughout his career is his efforts supporting “Shared Knowledge Empowerment” practices of environmentally responsible mining ensuring safety, used tire repurposing and recycling, concurrent reclamation, responsible water, and wildlife management, infused with the need of mining to support the world’s global society. This is a continuous cycle of evaluation, learning, and sharing knowledge without end.

GACW Incorporated

GACW Incorporated is a Phoenix-based engineering company that is developing, with plans to commercialize, an advanced mechanical airless wheel solution that allows mining trucks to perform more efficiently, safer, and eco-friendly. Its patented Air Suspension Wheel (“ASW”) is a non-pneumatic system that provides suspension with hydraulic cylinders and oil dampers, replacing the traditional rubber tire, rim, and chain.

The ASW provides better long-term cost-savings, improved safety for workers, increased productivity, and it 100% recyclable at end-of-life use.


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