SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–QuantumShield, a pioneering cryptography and cybersecurity company, announced today that Brigadier General Patrick Huston, U.S. Army (retired) was elected to the Company’s Board of Directors. General Huston is a technology lawyer focused on artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity and privacy. He is a member of the FBI’s Scientific Working Group on AI, the American Bar Association’s AI Task Force, and the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Cybersecurity Board. He is also a certified director in the National Association of Corporate Directors, and co-chairs the NACD’s AI Cohort.

“We’re thrilled to welcome General Huston on our board,” said Sam Lavery, Chairman and CEO of QuantumShield, “He brings decades of experience at the highest levels of government, combined with unmatched expertise in cutting-edge technologies. He’s exactly who we need to help guide QuantumShield as we expand our services across the national security and commercial sectors. We are already benefitting from his strategic insights and contributions.”

General Huston recognized QuantumShield’s deep commitment to protecting security and privacy against the looming threat of quantum computing: “This is an exciting time to join the team. While many great companies are developing quantum-resilient technology, QuantumShield is the only one with a true drop-in replacement for RSA digital signatures, allowing customers to secure data against the quantum threat using existing hardware. This is vital for the defense and intelligence communities, and will also provide tremendous advantages across the commercial sector.”

General Huston retired from the Pentagon after a 35-year career in uniform. His service includes: Army Ranger; helicopter pilot; prosecutor; five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan; General Counsel of the 101st Airborne Division, the Joint Special Operations Command, and the U.S. Central Command; and Commanding General.

About QuantumShield

QuantumShield is headquartered in San Francisco and focused on cryptography, cybersecurity and privacy solutions for the post-quantum world. QuantumShield brings game-changing technology to warfighters and commercial industry to ensure U.S. dominance across the quantum domain. It has created the only quantum-resilient solution that is a drop-in replacement for RSA using existing hardware across a variety of use cases. This security technology will benefit everyone who depends on encryption and privacy. QuantumShield’s products can secure financial transactions, health data, and other private information and communications to protect personal privacy, state secrets and intellectual property.


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