SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Grupa, a leading talent marketplace for startups to get matched with top-quality technical talent at Big Tech companies in exchange for cash and equity compensation, has officially launched in the US. The platform aims to democratize access to innovation and build an ecosystem where innovative companies thrive.

Grupa provides startups with access to the best engineering talent in Silicon Valley, enabling them to create world-class products and providing embedded tools to accelerate their productivity. Through its marketplace, Grupa solves three hurdles that startups and talent encounter when working together – Access, Accountability, and Acceleration. As a result, Grupa is digitizing the offline side-gig market, providing the right guardrails and documentation, and bringing the participants online. Grupa’s investment in Artificial Intelligence to enhance its matching algorithms and productivity tools allow for same-day matching and accelerated productivity.

The future of work is not just remote, it is decentralized and constantly growing. Grupa believes this is a $450 billion market opportunity. Tech workers have flexible and underutilized hours that they can put to use working with startups, in industries, and problems they deeply care about solving. Grupa provides them with a platform to find and manage opportunities, and provides startups with the tools to measure the productivity of their team members, track progress over time, make better decisions on allocating resources, and ensure their teams are working at their highest potential.

“At Grupa, we believe in democratizing access to innovation by creating an ecosystem where startups can thrive. Our platform provides access to top-quality engineering talent and embedded productivity tools, solving key challenges for startups to grow and succeed,” said Samuel Ekpe, CEO of Grupa. Sam has previous expertise in social networking, B2B platforms, and building remote teams for startups.

“Every startup regardless of size and stage faces two crucial challenges: acquiring high-quality talent and measuring productivity in a way that translates to growth. Our platform allows startups to solve those problems seamlessly and without breaking the bank,” said Damilola Thompson, Grupa’s COO. Dami’s prior experience as a venture capital investor, coupled with her role as an operator in a growth-stage marketplace technology startup, where she spearheaded expansion across global and emerging markets, equips her with insights into the requirements of building tech startups.

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