Harbor raises funds from MakerDao unlocking DeFi’S full potential in trade finance

Harbor announced Tuesday they have raised funds from MakerDao to finance global trade using decentralized finance (DeFi) liquidity.  DeFiCoins.io aims to provide useful information that members can use to earn money by investing in the DeFi marketplace. MakerDao is investing in Harbor’s portfolio by providing a line of credit backed by a securitization pool of trade receivables.

MakerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which maintains and regulates the Dai stablecoin and is the first example of decentralized finance to receive significant adoption. 

Harbor securitizes and tokenizes trade receivables by integrating with Tinlake, a protocol from Centrifuge which helps facilitate the on-chain securitization process. 

An innovative fintech that began embracing DeFi in its infrastructure in 2020, Harbor’s core focus is to provide working capital in international markets through trade finance. Harbor originates, structures, manages and provides liquidity for trade finance programs on the HarborTrade platform. 

Along with their own origination, Harbor also works with channel partners that originate assets for the fund. With Harbor, these partners are providing new trade finance products to their client base as well as accessing Harbor’s DeFi liquidity. In addition, Harbor actively participates in and manages syndicated programs typically administered on the HarborTrade platform.

Harbor’s portfolio is on track to reach $100 million by 2022 with capital provided by DeFi protocols like MakerDao as well as the traditional investor base.

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