Veriheal Inc. Acquires Medical Marijuana Platform to Serve Patients With Now the Largest Network of Licensed Healthcare Providers

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The recent acquisition of by health technology company Veriheal for $3 million (USD) just made it easier for medical cannabis patients to connect with licensed physicians in their states. With this expansion, Veriheal will possess the largest network of physicians in the medical cannabis space, and a larger network of strategic dispensary partnerships. Veriheal will also have a much larger audience for dispensaries to market to medical marijuana card holders through their extensive marketing channels.

Veriheal has spent five years building strong, HIPAA-compliant data technology solutions that help patients book appointments with licensed cannabis doctors who can certify for medical marijuana cards and wellness visits. Now they’ll be combining that technology with’s robust network of healthcare providers across the United States to make medical cannabis even more accessible.

The new Powered By Veriheal model will help patients with tools like secure electronic medical records (EMR), online appointment scheduling and 24/7 support through phone and live chat, as well as an even larger network of doctors available. The acquisition will also position Veriheal and its newly expanded user base for a future that includes both domestic and global legalization and destigmatization. It will also make Veriheal’s network more accessible for physicians interested in joining MarijuanaDoctors, contributing to a more robust selection of providers.

“It is through the legitimizing of medical cannabis at the federal level where we will see profound growth in the medical markets financially, but also for widespread healing,” explained Anthony Dutcher, CMO at Veriheal. “In the midst of the pandemic, the need for medical cannabis has exploded. Patients deserve the easiest path to access possible.”

While the policy wheels turn in Washington, Veriheal will continue to expand its ability to educate patients not only on how to obtain a medical marijuana card, but also on the process, available products and the latest research. Veriheal also has positioned themselves with scientific reports and university sponsored studies that evaluate the efficacy of treatments and general studies that aid national and global government efforts to help frame their medical cannabis programs. The company has already established its ability to rapidly scale, growing over 6,000% in a 4 year period. Now with the acquisition, Veriheal will continue to expand in both reach and inclusivity, simplifying accessibility for patients and physicians alike.

About Veriheal

Veriheal is a healthcare technology company that is the largest facilitator of medical marijuana cards in the nation. Its mission is to educate and advocate on behalf of patients and secure their safe access to regulated medical cannabis products. The company has a culture of open communication and transparency with its clients, and operates as a concierge service to ensure HIPAA compliant connections between patients and physicians via its proprietary platform. Visit for more information.

About is a Medical Service Organization founded to provide transparent access to medical marijuana evaluation services, including not only licensed doctors but also scheduling information, and ratings and reviews. The network also includes resources to connect patients with medical cannabis dispensaries and product information from expert budtenders, as well as broader educational materials on the benefits of cannabis as a whole.


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