The cryptocurrency market welcomed the New Year with much enthusiasm and on a positive note. If cryptocurrency analysts are to be believed, the momentum will likely continue throughout the year. For users, the time is ripe for exploring new products, especially those which enable them to do multiple things — be it building dApps, deploying smart contracts, processing digital payments and even earning with play-to-earn games. Amidst the rising interest in cryptocurrency platforms with multiple use cases, HedgeUp and Ripple have been striking users’ interests with their niche features. Here’s a look at how these decentralized platforms are helping crypto users mint new gains.

HedgeUp: The new kid on the crypto block

HedgeUp is a blockchain-based platform through which crypto users can seamlessly access alternative investment products and explore their global markets. The platform aims to bridge the gap between crypto enthusiasts and the global market for alternative investment products like art, luxury watches, aviation, wine and gold. The key USP of choosing alternative investment products is that they act as a hedge against market volatility and shield returns. HedgeUp diversifies one’s portfolio and thereby enhances returns. The platform has launched a native token called $HDUP which is used for transactional uses like staking, distributing rewards, voting rights, and funding marketing campaigns. The HedgeUp tokens are available on presale for interested users. 

The total supply of the $HDUP Token has been fixed at 999,000,000 units and it has been divided into various use cases to ensure optimal growth for the platform. The lion’s share of the $HDUP tokens has been set aside for presale at 35%. Another way users will be able to buy these tokens will be via decentralized exchanges as the HedgeUp team has allocated 17% of the token supply for exchange listings. The remaining supply has been divided between categories like marketing, charitable activities, staking and rewards, and reserve. Also, the platform will be setting aside a small portion of the tokens for its partners, team members, advisers, and founders. The tokens set aside for them will be locked for 18 months and will be released to a shared wallet in stages.

The HedgeUp team comprises analysts and experts with over 30+ years of experience. These experts strike deals with third-party vendors who supply investment products, which are sealed in an insured and licensed vault. 

Ripple partner Tranglo rolls out a new service in Malaysia

Ripple leverages cutting-edge cryptocurrency and blockchain technology improvised for years to build decentralized solutions for entrepreneurs and financial institutions that have an edge over traditional solutions in terms of speed, transparency, effectiveness, and affordability. With its solutions, Ripple enables its users to make instant digital payments, boost their treasuries, source cryptocurrencies, reduce capital consumption, increase revenue and reach out to new audience groups. It has launched a native token called $XRP which can be used for all kinds of transactional purposes on the network. With Ripple, entrepreneurs and institutions can add more value to their businesses with a real-time payments settlement mechanism that helps them with liquidity management and ready access to working capital. They can also manage their businesses more effectively with its crypto liquidity feature which is an all-in-one platform for crypto liquidity.  Lastly, it also helps central banks in rolling out Central Bank Digital Currencies that are sustainable, scalable, and meet international security standards.

In recent news, Ripple partner Tranglo has launched a real-time cross-border payments solution in Malaysia. The move has the potential to catalyze the digital payments space in Malaysia, which is one of the fastest-expanding countries in Asia. Ripple owns around 40% stake in Tranglo – making it one of the biggest investors in the company. Tranglo’s new project is well-positioned to help Ripple take baby steps toward expanding in Asia. Earlier in August 2022, Tranglo announced that it would also be expanding in the UAE by setting up a payments corridor in the country.

HedgeUp has a bright future ahead, even though Ripple is doing great things $HDUP set itself apart from other tokens. HedgeUp experts also conduct online masterclasses to help their users learn the nuances of the alternative investment products space. 

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