NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VirtualHealth is excited to share that its HELIOS platform was named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Healthcare Technology Solution category in The 22nd Annual American Business Awards® today. More than 3,700 nominations were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories.

“The VirtualHealth team has been working to enhance HELIOS, offering a powerful turnkey solution for care management, utilization management, and data interoperability, with rapid FHIR® transformations and AI-automated prior authorization,” said Adam Sabloff, CEO and Founder of VirutalHealth. “This award is a recognition of our team’s innovative work. This next-generation HELIOS platform represents a groundbreaking advancement in streamlining healthcare operations and addressing core challenges for payers including technology alignment, improving coordinated care and provider-payor communication, and achieving seamless organization-wide interoperability.”

What judges had to say about HELIOS:

  • “The industry gap is evident, and VirtualHealth is thinking three steps ahead to bridge the interoperability gap.”
  • “The HELIOS platform by VirtualHealth, with its latest enhancements including HELIOSum and HELIOShub, represents a significant leap forward in healthcare management technology. By focusing on utilization management and data interoperability, these updates address crucial industry challenges such as regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and patient care quality. The integration of AI for decision-making and automated prior authorizations, alongside the no-code, plug-and-play data exchange capabilities, not only streamlines the authorization process but also ensures faster, more accurate care coordination. This holistic approach underscores a pivotal shift towards a more agile, responsive healthcare system that can adapt to changing regulations and patient needs. The ability to significantly reduce integration timelines and operational costs while improving care outcomes and ensuring regulatory compliance positions VirtualHealth’s HELIOS platform as a pivotal solution for healthcare organizations aiming to enhance efficiency and patient care simultaneously.”

HELIOS was selected as a winner due to the enhancements of the solution by VirtualHealth to support critical payer medical management needs. Specifically, the integration of HELIOSum for next-generation utilization management, and HELIOShub, for plug-and-play, no-code data interoperability. The VirtulHealth team in partnership with Itiliti Health has also added integrations to help payers streamline and automate their prior authorization processes. These innovations by VirtualHealth have revolutionized the way healthcare data is exchanged and authorization processes are managed by making it easier, faster, and more adaptable to meet evolving regulations.

In fact, payers on HELIOS with these solutions can meet the new CMS-0057-F interoperability and prior authorization requirements now, and easily comply with state and internal medical policy rules, as well as adapt the platform for improved efficiencies with HELIOS’ configurable rules engine, workflows, and design.

The following is enabled thanks to the addition of integrated solutions for utilization management and data interoperability.

  1. Improved patient outcomes
  2. Faster authorizations with auto-approvals and auto-determinations
  3. AI-empowered decisioning and automated prior authorizations to help speed up the delivery of health care services and drive higher plan satisfaction ratings.
  4. Identify and remove inaccuracies and obstacles that are impeding care and slowing timelines down to ensure regulatory timelines are met
  5. Automated triage process, to speed up care delivery, reduce risk and administrative burden, and improve data management efficiency
  6. 65% faster data integrations and 80% faster bi-directional feeds to enable faster care coordination
  7. Reduced operational costs and risk of errors
  8. Regulatory compliance with federal, state, and internal medical policy timelines
  9. Identify high-risk patients, prevent avoidable hospitalizations, and allocate resources more effectively, ultimately reducing costs and improving the quality of care.
  10. Clinically-integrated pre-built UM pathways
  11. Fully configurable and out-of-the-box workflows to streamline and optimize CM and UM processes across the board

To learn more about the HELIOS platform and how it can support care management, interoperability, and advanced utilization management – including streamlined prior authorizations – please click here.

About VirtualHealth

VirtualHealth is dedicated to empowering healthcare organizations to provide the exceptional value-based care that members need to change their lives for the better. To do this, VirtualHealth created the industry-leading medical management platform HELIOS® to meet the needs of government health plans, commercial payers, health systems, and specialty providers. Trusted by some of the largest and most innovative healthcare organizations, HELIOS supports care and disease management, population health, utilization management, FHIR data interoperability, and more. Unrivaled in the industry with 90% configurability, HELIOS utilizes AI, powerful automations, and unlimited clinical workflows and integrations to enable faster and more effective care. Intuitive and easy to use, VirtualHealth’s solutions help remove provider-payer frictions, lower operational and administrative costs, and drive productivity and efficiency gains, all while maintaining compliance. To learn more, visit

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