Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm and rightfully so. In this article, we are going to check out how AI has helped content writers.

Let’s give you a basic overview. The main way of utilizing AI in content is through the use of tools. There are various kinds of AI tools available on the internet. Most of these tools are very accessible as they can be used for free in some capacity.

In this article, we will discuss how different types of AI tools help to make blog content engaging. So, let’s start.

1. Improve Readability

According to most people, what makes content engaging is visual appeal. And they would be right for the most part. However, the thing is that this is not the complete truth.

Images and stylish-looking text are definitely good for gaining attention, but it is not enough to hold it. For content to be considered truly engaging, it must be able to retain the attention of the people.

Readability is one of the most important aspects of engaging content. If some content is readable, then the reader will keep engaging with it till the end. So, how do AI tools come into all this?

This is basically where paraphrasing tools like and Quillbot come in. They utilize AI technology to rephrase and reword the sentence/passages in a given text. To improve readability, they replace difficult words with their well-known and easier synonyms.

They also replace large phrases with words that mean the same thing. With the help of AI tools, you can improve the readability of the text without altering its meaning in any way. Here’s what that looks like with examples.

image from
image from

In both examples, we can see that words that are more commonly used to replace the less commonly used ones. This improves readability as readers do not have to exert any extra effort to read and understand the text.

2. Help You Keep Your Content Concise and Targeted

In the modern age, there is a persistent issue of declining attention spans. So, people are not very keen on reading for too long. That’s why it is necessary to keep your blog content short and to the point. This improves the engagement of the content as people can read it in a short amount of time i.e., before their attention is diverted by something else.

AI tools that can make the content shorter without losing any meaning are called summarizing tools. An AI summarizing tool excels at reading the text, understanding it, and then singling out the sentences that best portray the entire passage’s meaning. Of course, since they are summarizers, they make it a point to use as few words as possible.

A summary, in which sentences are taken from the original text verbatim is known as an “extractive” summary. On the other hand, we have the “abstractive” summary where the ideas are taken from the original text, but the wording is changed significantly.

Most AI summarizers are extractive summarizers, so let’s take a look at a few summarizing tools that are really good at their job.

image from
image from

As you can see, both tools made a great summary, and they even had the option to display it in bullets. You may have also noticed that the tools have a slider that allows them to control the length of the summary. With such nifty features, it is not difficult to shorten your text to make it better suited for reading and boosting engagement.

3. Help to Create Value-Added Content

Value-added content is basically content that is:

  • Rare/unique;

  • Useful;

  • Exclusive to your brand/platform.

The thing is exclusivity starts from ideas. If your idea is unique, to begin with, then chances are the content will be unique as well. So, how do AI tools help with this? Well, there are many tools out there that can provide you with content ideas.

Remember, only the best, most useful, and unique ideas will lend themselves to creating engaging content. To showcase the efficacy of AI idea-generating tools we have used some top-ranked tools to demonstrate.

Hubspot Blog Idea Generator
Blog ideas generated by Hubspot
And here is another tool that does something similar. It works in the same way i.e. you have to provide a keyword, and the tool will generate an idea. However, this tool gives you tips as well.

Tips Provided For Supporting The Title

As you can see, it even provided tips for the title. So, with AI tools it is possible to get great blog ideas that help you to create value-added content. And naturally, value-added content is engaging as well, because it is unique and exclusive. And we all know, that people just love exclusivity.


Those were three ways in which AI tools can help you to create engaging blog content. With AI paraphrasers, you can boost readability which greatly enhances engagement. With an AI summarizer, you can make your content more concise and to the point, which shortens the reading time.

Less reading time is enticing and engaging. Finally, we saw how AI idea generators can help you to come up with great ideas to write value-added content. Exclusive content written about a unique idea automatically becomes engaging because it is rare and interesting.

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