Entrepreneurs understand that business in 2022 is not only rented premises and purchased equipment. First of all, this is promotion in social networks and attracting potential customers.

Instagram is the main platform for business promotion. Today we will tell you about how you can promote your own coffee shop using this social network.

Invest but wisely

In order for the promotion to be effective but inexpensive, you need to choose the right methods. The best opportunity to increase the number of your potential customers is to turn to specialized companies to buy Instagram followers. So you can quickly and for a low price to attract new people.

Do not use outdated advertising methods that do not bring results. For example, handing out leaflets on the streets of the city rarely gives a good result because people throw them into the nearest trash can without even reading what is written there.

You need to focus on promotion in social networks and advertising on banners around the city. The second option sometimes requires large investments (renting banners) but is effective because people often pay attention to what is written there.

Actively maintain accounts

Many cafes and restaurants lose potential customers at the stage of their visiting the accounts of establishments. The user opens the Instagram account of the cafe, sees that the last post was published six months ago and concludes that this cafe has most likely been closed for a long time. However, it happens that the entrepreneur simply no longer wanted to spend time and money on blogging.

You don’t have to make that mistake. The social media audience is your potential guests. You need to actively publish posts and stories as well as buy real Instagram followers in order to quickly increase the number of readers who will later become your visitors.

If you have a blog that is updated daily, users will pay attention to it and decide to come to your coffee shop. Quite often, people look for some cozy place on Instagram and then visit it.

In order for the blog to be more attractive to users, you should invite a photographer and account manager to cooperate. They should arrange photo shoots to capture beautiful shots of your coffee shop, guests, and drinks making videos. And after that, the manager should write interesting posts and beautifully design stories and reels.

You can also collaborate with local bloggers. It can be both paid cooperation (you pay a blogger to advertise your coffee shop) or barter (you give the blogger a drink and coffee beans, and he advertises your coffee shop).

The format of cooperation depends on how popular you and the chosen blogger are. If both parties are just starting their careers, then barter is a great option.


For modern business, promotion in social networks is very important. We recommend that you work hard on your Instagram blog if you want to make your coffee shop popular and attract a large number of guests. Social media will help to do this quickly and without large investments.

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