Groundbreaking capacitive sensor enables gesture-control car door handle concept

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Capacitive–Global automotive leader Hyundai showcased at its recent Open Innovation Lounge a new concept for a gesture-controlled door handle enabled by Somalytics Inc.’s SomaCap, a new type of capacitive sensor that allows consumer product manufacturers and developers to advance the human experience with the Internet of Things. The SomaCap sensors, made of carbon nanotube-infused paper, can “feel” human presence at up to 200 millimeters, making them a valuable embedded technology for companies such as Hyundai working to improve customer experiences with products through more natural and intuitive human-machine interactions.

“Our team was honored to be invited to participate with Hyundai in the development of this exciting prototype for future gesture control door handles, which were featured in the newly established Partners Zone together with Hyundai partner SL at Hyundai’s prestigious OI Lounge,” said Barbara Barclay, CEO of Somalytics. “The possibilities of our sensor technology are limitless for automotive as well as other industries and applications. It’s incredibly exciting to see the potential for this amazing breakthrough technology come to life in these kinds of demonstrations, and we look forward to future collaboration opportunities with Hyundai.”

Beyond automotive, Somalytics’ eye, gesture, touch and fluid-monitoring sensors offer transformative solutions for other areas of transportation, eye tracking, consumer electronics, IoT, health and wellness, entertainment, AR/VR, gaming, and more.

Somalytics last month was recognized by the Consumer Technology Association as a 2023 CES Innovation Awards honoree in the Embedded Technology category for the same SomaCap sensors that were used to create the gesture control door handle featured at the Hyundai OI Lounge.

  • Visit Somalytics during CES 2023 Jan. 5-8: Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall, booth 18490.

Somalytics sensors are highly disruptive to the IoT marketplace because they are more sensitive, are smaller, require less power, and cost much less to manufacture than other available sensor technologies. Somalytics sensor properties are uniquely capable of enabling IoT and human experiences in ways that were never before possible. The tiny yet powerful nanotechnology-infused paper capacitive sensors can be embedded in virtually any material, range in size from 1 to 11 millimeters and are as thin as a human hair.

Somalytics is funded by hard science investment firm IP Group Inc. with support from WRF Capital and CoMotion, the University of Washington’s collaborative innovation hub, from which it was launched in 2021.

Somalytics will be mass-producing its unique sensors from its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, by the end of 2023.

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About Somalytics

Somalytics is bringing better sense to the digital world. The nanotechnology startup is commercializing a patent-pending CPC capacitive sensor, which is a new technology developed by University of Washington researchers in collaboration with CoMotion. Somalytics’ eye, gesture, touch and fluid monitoring sensors are miniature and highly sensitive to the human body. They are designed to improve the human experience through innovations in eye tracking, consumer electronics, AR/VR, IoT, health and wellness, and transportation. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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