LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#esg–Jon Powell, PhD, Sustainability Practice Global Lead for Salesforce, is a featured guest this week on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian. The show is hosted by Shegerian, Co-Founder and Chairman/CEO of ERI, the nation’s leading fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company.

Salesforce empowers companies of every size and industry to connect with their customers in a whole new way through the power of AI + data + CRM. At Salesforce, Powell provides cross-industry sustainability expertise and trusted advisory to executives and leaders at dozens of the world’s largest companies, helping to accelerate their environmental, social, and governance journeys. Jon also works closely with Salesforce’s corporate Impact Team, Product Team, and Sales Teams to drive new product innovations and facilitate best-practice exchanges with internal and external stakeholders on pressing global ESG matters.

“It was an honor to have Jon, a truly impactful leader in the world of ESG and sustainability, on our show to share his story and tell our audience about the game-changing work that he and his colleagues at Salesforce are doing,” said Shegerian. “I’m sure our audience will be inspired by Jon’s message and work and how he and his colleagues at this iconic company endeavor daily to make our world a better place.”

“We are in a climate crisis, and there’s a wealth of opportunities out there to help meet the challenge that the crisis presents to the world,” said Powell. “My wide-ranging conversation with John Shegerian starting with my background but quickly transitioning to urgent and emerging topics like filling the global sustainability skills gap, the promise of AI-enabled tools like ChatGPT for driving sustainable outcomes, and how digital transformations work together to help solve some of the most intractable sustainability challenges, was a total delight. John’s a skilled and inquisitive conversationalist and I feel we just scratched the surface and am grateful he’s created such a wonderful platform that inspires so many.”

Impact Podcast guests are invited as thought leaders to share with listeners first-hand accounts of how they are able to help make the world a better place on a daily basis.

Recent guests have included leaders from Samsung, Best Buy, Amazon, Verizon, General Motors, Ford, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, JetBlue, Comerica Bank, Goodyear Tire, Virgin, Dell, GE, IBM, Qualcomm, Nestlé, BMW, The Home Depot, Texas Instruments, Adobe, Gap Inc., TIME, Kimberly-Clark, Timberland, Hearst, UPS, Hertz, The Hershey Company, FedEx, Intel, T-Mobile, NVIDIA, Lyft, HubSpot, T. Rowe Price, Ball Corporation, New York City, Beyond Meat, Panasonic, John Deere, Salesforce, Molson Coors, Seventh Generation, Amgen, Intuit, the NBA, the US Tennis Association, FICO, Waste Management, and a number of fascinating game-changers, including Martin Luther King III; best-selling author Ryan Holiday; Joanne Molinaro (The Korean Vegan); NFL legend Joe Theismann; Homeboy Industries founder Father Gregory Boyle; real estate powerhouse and television personality Ryan Serhant; writer/comedian/author Jeannie Gaffigan; ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll; and hundreds more.

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