M6 server family offers 16 products designed for artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inspur Information, a leading IT infrastructure solution provider, today launched a new M6 server family that supports 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. The M6 server family offers 16 products designed for compute-intensive applications, such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other intelligent computing scenarios.

Compute power has been a driving force of the digital economy with the rise of online education, remote work and intelligent manufacturing. The current intelligent era is seeing an explosion of global data: IDC predicts the annual data generated worldwide will increase from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes in 2025.

“Intelligent applications present virtually endless demands for computing power, necessitating the continuous upgrade of computing capabilities. By taking the lead to launch the all-new M6 servers, Inspur aims to deliver better compute performance for reliable and efficient business support. In doing so, these new products are well-positioned to address the enormous computing challenges imposed by data explosion and digital transformation,” said Peter Peng, CEO of Inspur Information.

The M6 servers provide industry-leading deployment density, performance, hardware decoupling and quality, improving performance by 46 percent compared with Inspur’s previous server generation. For instance, video processing capacity is enhanced by 30 percent, with overall storage density and IOPS (input/output operations per second) scaled up by 3 times and 3.2 times, respectively. This meets the demanding requirements for latency and bandwidth of data transferring, online computing, high-frequency trading and other application scenarios. The new server family also clearly demonstrates the results from precision engineering by introducing an environmental sensing feature, redefining power supply standards and developing automatic O&P (operation and maintenance) tools, which make servers more intelligent and easy to use, while also improving data security with multiple protection mechanisms.

“Our latest 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon Scalable processors have been designed to deliver the flexible performance needed for today’s digital economy to service workloads from the edge through the network to the cloud. We have worked closely with Inspur to deliver customers a balanced platform with built in acceleration and advanced security capabilities to meet the most in demand workload requirements,” stated Lisa Spelman, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Xeon and Memory Group at Intel®. “We look forward to continuing our work with Inspur to deliver more value to our customers with high performance, reliability and scalability to meet the needs of their digital transformation.”

Focusing on diversified application scenarios represented by AI, edge computing and multi-cloud, M6 servers highlight industry leading performance, lean design, security and openness to advance 5G, AI and industrial internet innovations. Highlights include:

Best-in-class performance, energy efficiency and scalability: For instance, the Inspur NF5280M6 features best-in-class scalability (up 40 percent in IO scalability) in a 2U form factor; Inspur NF5180M6 provides E1.S storage that scales up storage density by 3 times and IOPS by 3.2 times, empowering both high-density storage and high-speed data transfer; Inspur NF5688M6, with an emphasis on AI, provides an optimal GPU-IB-NVMe ratio of 1:1:1, which enables AI computing power of up to 5 PetaOPS (peta operations per second) in a 6U form factor.

Precision engineering to improve intelligence: With considerable improvements in design, components and systems, M6 servers deliver more intelligence and ease of use. The introduction of environmental sensing and air pressure monitoring features strike an optimum balance between heat dissipation and vibration at system level, enabling the highest processor bin in a 1U form factor and over 10 percent higher hard disk performance. In view of power supply demands of these bare metal servers, Inspur has redefined the standard to meet the power supply needs and increase the power density by 2 percent. The automatic O&M tools can shorten the annual mean time to maintenance (MTTM) per 100 units by 600 person-hours, increasing O&M efficiency by 200 percent.

Securing mission critical applications with multiple mechanisms: M6 servers feature improved security encompassing hardware, firmware and system. These include: implementing two levels of protection on both power supply and mainboard plus a real-time overloading response feature in hardware; building up the verification hub with FPGA as the root of trust and ISQP as an independent initializer in firmware; conducting power-on internal memory health testing, component selection, margin protection design and volume deployment validation. All these measures greatly ease overall risks of whole system and lower the internal memory failure rate by 60 percent.

Always embracing open compute: Inspur is the platinum member of three open compute communities with contributions in accordance with OCP, ODCC and Open19 standards. As a core member of global open compute organizations, Inspur remains committed to developing a robust open compute ecosystem and contributing technologies to the open compute community. The new M6 server family features key products designed in line with open computing standards, such as the ORS6000S rack, NF5180M6 and NF5280M6. All products embrace open software protocols, such as OpenBMC and Redfish, as well as a multitude of open standard components like OCP3.0 network and E1.S storage.

As a leading provider of compute infrastructure, Inspur has been a long-time advocate of intelligent computing strategy with over 30 years of technology and industry experience in data center. With the introduction of the new M6 server family, Inspur will further facilitate the digital transformation of enterprises, advancing the development of intelligent computing.

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For the recording of a video presentation of the new M6 server family, please click here. Inspur executives are joined by executives from Intel, SAP, Samsung, IDC, Mercedes-Benz and University of Oxford.

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