When you bake a cake, it is a good idea to follow the steps one after the other. However, when it comes to something like Instagram marketing, it is more like a path of seduction. It doesn’t matter in which order you take each step, just long as you don’t start with the goodnight kiss. Don’t feel bound to complete these steps one after the other … you can do them all at once if you wish.

1 – Plan 20 Posts in Advance

Yes, you should have a content strategy, if only to stop you from scratching around for content in a few weeks. It pays to create your posts in sizable batches because there is nothing more annoying than an Instagram influencer who has clearly run out of ideas and material. 

If you have a content schedule, then you can leverage your gains more purposefully, and you can schedule your content. This gives you breathing space between the creation of your posts. Hopefully, this will allow you more time to plan and produce your content with the goal of creating high-quality content, or at least with the goal of creating content that appeals to your target audience.

2 – Generate an Audience By Whatever Means Necessary

There are three ways you can do this, and it is important that you start early because it is going to become more difficult as your brand expands its influence on Instagram. The first method is that you buy Instagram accounts from a social media marketplace like Fameswap and you promote your Instagram account to their followers. You can also promote your brand directly to their audience and perhaps even cultivate the following of your new accounts. The goal is to put your message in front of as many people as possible.

The second method is to set up as many Instagram accounts as you feel comfortable with, and then post various experimental posts on each to see if any of your content goes viral. You take a scattershot approach and hope that some of your content hits the big time. The third method is to simply plow money into your account using Instagram ads.

3 – Get Verified and Use Instagram Ads 

Meta wants you to pay to be verified. They got the idea from the genius Elon Musk. It may seem like a hassle, but you are less likely to be taken down or shadow-banned if you are verified, and it is harder for bots to sabotage your marketing.

Once you are verified and marked as a business on Instagram, you may start using Instagram adverts. As mentioned in the previous section, Instagram ads are costly, but if you have the money, they are a reliable way to grow your Instagram following. Just make sure you have the right type of content that appeals to your target audience, otherwise, you are throwing your money away.

4 – Create a Setup and Format That Is Easily Identifiable

When you create posts, have a setup and template that is easily identifiable. The cheap and nasty way to do this is to put your logo and name on everything, but you can be more subtle. Some have the same introduction, which is okay for YouTube and Rumble, but perhaps isn’t suitable for Instagram. Try to create some sort of consistency so that when people see your posts, they recognize them as yours. It can even be something simple, like how Khaby Lame became popular. He found something dumb (his setup), he shamed them and then did his hand gesture. It is how he became a smash hit on Instagram and the most followed person on TikTok.

5 – Pick a Frequency That Suits Your Brand

Online articles and videos always say that you have to publish frequently, but this just isn’t true. When you see celebrity and model accounts, they are posting all the time, but the businesses and individuals who have over a million followers are posting with very sporadic frequencies.

For example, some models will post an awful lot of content right after shoots with certain outfits. Others will have filming/shooting sessions with certain outfits where they create the same type of content that they spread across Instagram and TikTok. However, between shoots, they post very little (perhaps a few vacation pics, holiday pictures, etc.).

Post as frequently as you need to. Try to ignore the advice you read online where they say you have to post very often or several times per week. For example, if you are selling cars, there is no need the weekly posts. On the same note, if you have just had a shipment of a new type of car, then saturating your posts with photos and videos of that car is fine.

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