WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIInterVenn Biosciences, the leader in glycoproteomics, presented results today on a predictive signature capable of identifying non-small cell lung cancer patients that will benefit most from immune checkpoint inhibitors. This signature was developed using InterVenn’s perspectIV™ platform which combines high-resolution mass-spectrometry-derived glycoprotein profiling with advanced artificial intelligence and neural-networking-based data processing to newly allow glycoproteomic interrogation at clinical scale, opening up a revolutionary, highly powerful new layer of biomarker opportunities.

An oral presentation today at the Conference for the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer outlined the results of a study whereby pre-treatment blood samples from a cohort of patients treated with first-line pembrolizumab (alone or in combination with chemotherapy) were interrogated using the perspectIV™ platform. A panel of glycopeptide markers predictive of response was identified. This glycopeptide-based signature stratified the patient cohort into two groups which showed significant differences in median overall survival of 2.8 years vs. 0.8 years, at a hazard ratio of 7.4, (p=0.007).

“These results are an important step in the development of our Dawn™ assay and were the impetus of our current development and validation activities,” said Aldo Carrascoso, CEO and co-founder of InterVenn. “We look forward to sharing the results of our current development and validation efforts in NSCLC and other indications as we proceed to the launch of Dawn™ in 2022.”

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InterVenn Biosciences has developed a proprietary glycoproteomic biomarker discovery and interrogation platform based on artificial intelligence-empowered mass spectrometry for next-gen precision medicine. The company is working on developing novel predictive tests in a range of indications, including ovarian, pancreatic, liver, prostate, lung, kidney and other cancers, as well as on tests for treatment response prediction and monitoring of treatment efficacy, and disease progression. https://intervenn.com


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