AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following its debut appearance at the Web3 conference OuterEdge, Howl has announced its full launch of services including marketing, public relations, talent management, market intelligence, content development and product incubation. The company, led by blockchain industry evangelists Ivan Perez, Benjamin Noble and Aniko Berman, houses professionals with decades of experience managing cutting-edge projects and cultivating talent. The team is credited with supporting many marquee brands including: Solana, ImmutableX, Binance, Nansen, Unstoppable Domains, Impact Theory, OneOf and more.

Industry Immersive PR & Marketing:

Howl nests at the intersection of advanced technology and entertainment, and enters the Web3 space as an advocate for disruptive, nascent and often misunderstood applications, infrastructures and pioneers. The company follows tenets of industry immersion and employs professionals who actively participate in communities the company endorses. In alignment with this vision, Howl hosts weekly Twitter Spaces, podcasts and other community activities through its social channels.

“Howl’s assembly of talent is critical to its success,” said Perez, Howl CEO. “The media/consumer landscape is changing. In no industry is this more apparent than in the nascent Web3 environment. Project success remains contingent on more than just your run of the mill marketing and PR. Community is the driving force of modern commercial markets, and we expect our team members to foster strong engagement in their assigned communities aligned with compelling brand narratives.”

Artist Management:

In addition to its PR and marketing services, Howl has launched a subsidiary branch Plume – a creative talent agency for Web3 creators, artists and influencers, led by Berman. Contrary to standard agency models, Plume offers both full management and an alternative, non-exclusive agency model. In all cases, Plume accentuates clients’ personal brands via collaboration with Howl’s in-house marketing and PR team.

“Web3 offers a plethora of opportunities for artists, creators, and influencers to develop sustainable, long-term careers. These are uncharted and ever-changing waters that are best navigated collaboratively,” Berman explained. “Coming from the traditional art world, I’m excited about utilizing the tools of Web3, and grateful to be working alongside these new kinds of creators to achieve their goals. Together, we are building a novel and beautiful cultural landscape via new creative business models rooted in technology and collaboration.”

Already, Plume boasts a roster of elite Web3 talent including:

Product Development:

Having prior experience developing DeFi solutions, Howl’s founders are now dedicating their resources to creating a social application, and a digital identity solution to further the advancement of NFT/blockchain technology. Howl plans to release their Web3 products this year in partnership with engineer Tsolmondorj (Toma) Natsagdorj, a seven-year blockchain veteran with experience developing tokens, NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, smart contracts, and many other full-stack integrations.

Additionally, to aid in its marketing/PR division, Howl employs custom AI tools to drive data optimization for market research and competitor analysis. With proprietary cutting-edge technology, Howl can gather and analyze massive amounts of data, providing unparalleled insights into markets and competitors.

Plans for Domination:

With its full launch, Howl is taking aim at the culture of Web3, carving out a path as a trailblazing firm for the advancement of blockchain technology, while preserving the principles of decentralization, censorship-resistance and bespoke experiences.

“We chose the name Howl as an homage to a classic Allen Ginsberg poem and 1950s beatnik culture, which rejected gatekeepers and their stranglehold on the advancement of society,” said Noble, Howl Chief Culture Officer. “We thrive in markets that are often broadly misunderstood and desperately seeking voices to clarify value. For our industry to succeed, it is important that we elevate and champion projects that disrupt the status quo. This sometimes means throwing out old playbooks and inventing systems that fight against stale, legacy branding. We want to dominate the Web3 market, and our team is willing to roll up their sleeves and step into the trenches to see our vision come to life.”

Howl plans to continue growing each of its Web3 divisions and services throughout the year and is actively seeking partners for greater metaverse activations.

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About the Founders:

Benjamin Noble

Benjamin Noble is both a leading communications specialist and a pioneer of NFT/blockchain technology. He started his blockchain work and foray into NFTs in early 2018. Noble’s work in play-to-earn gaming, NFT/DeFi mechanics and his general evangelism for the blockchain space laid the groundwork for many of the popular NFTs today. Together with his business partner Ivan Perez, Noble helped create one of the first NFTs as a credit warrant on Teller Finance. Currently, Noble sits as an advisor for several NFT projects including 0n1 Force, SIFT and Clubhouse Archives.

Ivan Perez

Ivan is a multidisciplinary professional with 7+ years of experience in the brand & business development field. In his early career, he dedicated himself to creative writing and film studies. He is also a two-time founder within Web3, helping create and launch Teller Finance, a financial marketplace protocol, and Howl, a marketing communications and creative agency for NFT-based technologies and decentralized finance. He has worked with multiple industry niches and supported NFT sales for artists like Doja Cat, Quentin Tarantino, and Steve Aoki—helping raise more than $50M in sales. He now dedicates himself to building innovative Web3 tools, advising, and taking companies to market as the CEO of Howl.

Aniko Berman

Aniko’s career began in the traditional art world. After studying Art History at NYU, she received her MA from Christie’s Education, New York and went on to become Director at Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York and then Monique Meloche, Chicago, working with artists from Frank Stella to Amy Sherald. After completing her MBA at University of Chicago Booth School of Business, she dove into Web3 as Director of Art Partnerships at OneOf, where she worked on projects such as the Diana Sinclair/Whitney Houston collection and The Grammys NFT. She has since returned to working directly with artists and is passionate about bridging the traditional and Web3 art worlds, and creating successful long-term careers for creators at the intersection of culture and technology.


Ben Noble

t: 1 (919) 721-3590