Kahuna, the leading skills and competency management solutions company, specializing in operational skills management, closes 2022 above plan

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HRTechKahuna Workforce Solutions, the leading provider of skills and competency management software, announces the close of 2022 above plan as organizations strive to build resilient workforces. In addition to strong net new bookings and logo acquisition, Kahuna executed several renewals with organic expansion leading to +100% Net Revenue Retention (NRR) which further confirms the mission critical nature of operational skills management.

Among the new customer additions, a few highlights include:

  • Powering a leading field services organization in automating the dispatch of technicians based on validated competence for specific equipment and customer environments.
  • Digitizing nurse orientation and annual competency validation for 25,000 nurses at a leading healthcare organization across a large multi-state system.
  • Empowering a leading renewables organization to validate the required operational skills of 5,000 technicians to meet current and future demand for specific capabilities.
  • Partnering with a global multi-brand veterinary organization to build a business case for digitizing the collection and use of validated skills data for 30,000 technicians.

“Across Kahuna’s core verticals of healthcare, energy, field services, and manufacturing, leaders are eager to understand how validated skills data can better equip their organizations to build operational capability and resiliency,” said Sean Rohde, Kahuna’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “They recognize the traditional approach to competency management isn’t sustainable as disruptions continue to threaten operations. Kahuna enables organizations to have a full view of skills and capabilities across the entire workforce, ultimately serving as the singular source of truth for skills data in their existing technology stack. With this data, organizations can make more informed staffing, scheduling, and training decisions, as well as more strategic operating decisions now and in the future.”

“Our growth in 2022 solidified Kahuna as a leader in the skills tech industry for operational skilling, with each of our new customer additions satisfying mission-critical use cases for their organizations,” said Jai Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Kahuna. “As we look to the new year, I’m excited about the possibilities of Kahuna. We have strong customer advocates, complementary strong go-to-market and customer success teams, and a reliable technology platform that is not only delivering on customer expectations, but is innovative in providing the most value to our customers.”

About Kahuna Workforce Solutions

Kahuna Workforce Solutions is the only skills management software built for operations, learning, and human resources. Kahuna equips enterprise organizations with validated skills data to understand workforce capability, align talent supply and demand, and increase the return on training investment. Across a wide array of industries including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and aerospace, Kahuna helps organizations build a more skilled, competitive workforce. For information visit www.kahunaworkforce.com.


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