New Partner Program Designed to Help Drive New Opportunities and Maximize Profitability for Resale Partners Across Multiple Industry Sectors such as Health and Wellness, Sports Recovery, Boutique Fitness and Many Others

SANDY, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pain Relief Technologies LLC, manufacturers of the Kailo Pain Patch® that has helped millions of pain sufferers around the world, today launched the Kailo Partner Program aimed to bring in resale partners across North America and Europe. The program is designed to help drive new opportunities and maximize profitability for partners in existing and new industry sectors including health and wellness, sports recovery, boutique fitness and many more.

“Pain Relief Technologies is a Company founded on its commitment to help as many people as possible live their best lives without the interference of pain. Today’s announcement underscores our commitment to do just that – we are open to partners that share our vision and values to expand Kailo’s market presence throughout North America and Europe so that even more people can experience pain relief without the use of any type of medication or drugs,” said Stuart Fetzer, CEO, Pain Relief Technologies. “We are excited to welcome partners to sell the Kailo Pain Patch – we are just getting started in bringing the KAILO Pain Patch to the marketplace, we are looking for partners that share our vision and values to expand KAILO’s market presence. Our aggressive discounting options allow our partner’s the flexibility to structure deals that benefit themselves and their customers and we reward sales success with tiered volume discounts, rebates and incentives that demonstrate our commitment to our partners.”

The Kailo Pain Patch® is wearable, reusable, easy to use, and waterproof. It is designed to use nanocapacitors to interact with your body’s natural electrical signals to relieve and manage all types of pain including joint, back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, in addition to other areas of the body.

Kailo’s observational clinical trial results were recently published in Anesthesia and Pain Research, an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the clinical practice of anesthesia and pain medicine. The PREVENT Clinical Trial found that participants using the Kailo Pain Patch® experienced a significant decrease in pain severity, pain interference, and a decrease in concurrent medication usage -including Opioids. Patients also reported no side effects. Read Study.

The Kailo Pain Patch® is currently sold through, , and


PAIN RELIEF TECHNOLOGIES LLC, based in Sandy, Utah, manufactures and distributes the Kailo Pain Patch® as part of its portfolio of pain products to millions of pain sufferers around the world. Kailo – The Future of Pain Relief® is a

nanotech bio-antenna that interacts with electrical signals in your body, naturally relieving pain.

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