NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Daversa Partners, the technology industry’s premier executive search firm that builds the leadership teams for growth and venture-backed companies, announced today Katie Fischer as the firm’s newest Partner. With a track record spanning over a decade in executive recruiting, Fischer’s ascent to the senior leadership team marks a significant milestone for the firm.

Fischer has been an integral part of Daversa Partners since 2011, serving as a cornerstone of the firm’s expansive Product and Engineering Practice in New York. Over the past twelve years, she has masterfully cultivated relationships with industry-leading engineers who have been instrumental in shaping the technological landscape. Fischer’s remarkable portfolio includes the successful placement of over 250 product and engineering executives across the consumer and B2B landscape encompassing a diverse array of sectors such as healthcare, fintech and payments, insurtech, crypto, gaming, cybersecurity, climate and clean tech, ecommerce, and edtech. Her impeccable work has fortified the executive leadership teams of standout companies like Octave, Onetrust, GlossGenius, Auctane, and Wealthsimple, among others.

Laura Kinder, President of Daversa Partners, shared her enthusiasm, stating, “Daversa Partners’ success story would be incomplete without Katie’s unwavering dedication, commitment, innovative mindset, and transformative leadership that she has consistently demonstrated over the past twelve years. From the moment Katie joined this firm, her spark was palpable; she possesses a charismatic presence that invigorates any room and continually inspires both her clients, candidates, and team to strive for excellence. As a mentor and a leader, Katie’s impact at Daversa has been profound. Her drive is relentless, her potential limitless, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the remarkable heights she will reach in her new capacity as Partner.”

Reflecting on her tenure at Daversa Partners, Katie Fischer stated, “My journey began twelve years ago, and it’s been an exhilarating experience to contribute to the evolution of this firm.” She added, “Throughout my career, I’ve consistently prioritized excellence, not just in the quality of work but in fostering a culture that continuously inspires. The relationships I’ve cultivated, the leadership teams I’ve built, all stand testament to this commitment. As I look to the future, I’m filled with anticipation and excitement for the opportunities that lie ahead.”

About Daversa Partners

Daversa Partners is technology’s premier executive search firm that builds the leadership teams for growth and venture-backed companies. Our global footprint spans 2 continents and eight offices, giving our high-performance teams visibility into the entirety of the market. We are dedicated to developing meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs, executives, and investors across consumer and enterprise businesses.

Extraordinary talent is hard to find and even harder to recruit. Focusing our searches on delivering Material Impact executives is what sets us apart, and is what makes Daversa the search partner of choice.

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