Kellify: An easier way to use AI to make smarter investments

Fintech startup Kellify launches “Quant-as-a-Service” to turn banks and asset managers into fintechs

Fintech startup Kellify launches “Quant-as-a-Service”to turn banks and asset managers into fintechs.

Kellify, the Genoa-based smart app that helps banking, investing and insurance ecosystems invest and take decisions quickly and effectively, by providing the science they need on a large scale, launches “Quant-as-a-Service” experience and go after international expansion.

Founded in mid 2017 by Francesco Magagnini, CEO, Fabrizio Malfanti, Chief AI Officer, and Gabriele Torre, Chief Math Officer, Kellify changes the way people interact with worldwide transactions developing the artificial intelligence that guides users to better insuring a vessel, investing in real estate, buying a fine wine or an artwork, predicting a stock target price. Francesco Magagnini said in a statement: “We created Kellify so that everyone can use AI and turn his investment vehicle into a fintech without learning to code.

Searching for liquid assets within predominantly illiquid markets -such as those of real estate, art, classic cars, fine wines- or bringing out opportunities within very competitive markets -such as that of commodity or equity- may seem like an unreasonable undertaking, especially with regard to the emotional aspects of buying works of art.

With the predictive capability of machine learning and neural network combined technologies, Kellify is able to exploit value and knowledge from historical transactions and swarm intelligence and to come up with an extremely innovative and transparent user experience, showing that it exists a way to renew the operation of traditional financial ecosystems. Customers include banks, asset managers, insurance companies, family offices, HNWIs, auction houses and challenger banks. “Kellify removes the technical barriers for banking, investing and insurance ecosystems that want to unlock new AI-driven intelligence,” Francesco Magagnini said. “We are changing the way people interact with investment field supercharging the human ability to derive meaning from data, by maintaining the truly authenticity and transparency which are inherent in the brand since its inception.”

Two-year-old Kellify has been in expansion mode for the past year, opening offices in Malmö  and New York, Kellify currently has a team of 20, most of whom are located in Genova, and that headcount is forecast to rise to as many as 45 this year. Kellify announced a $1,74 million early-venture round back in July 2018, ahead of Series A within the 2019.

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