LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Online shopping is becoming much more popularized under the influence of the epidemic, and the relevant global transaction volume is expected to exceed US $5 trillion in 2021. Meanwhile all kinds of products have been put on the shelves under the increase of e-commerce platforms, and new problems have arisen subsequently. In the face of a large number of products, it is difficult for consumers to make the prompt right choices. Online shopping has evolved into a time-consuming and laborious shopping experience currently, which used to acting as save time and effort. This will greatly reduce the customer’s desire for purchasement, so that businesses would lose various orders.

In order to solve this problem, a UK company named Smart Shopping Assets Management Limited has developed an intelligent Shopping system, namely KooShopper. This is an intelligent order matching project of cross-border e-commerce that integrates big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology. It can help shoppers find the products they need very accurately.

In fact, KooShopper is an e-commerce resource-sharing platform. While the main function is to send orders of merchants to all order distributors in KooShopper according to the information symmetry theory through the high-tech technology developed by SSAML. Beside, the system automatically evaluates and matches orders for members with order allocation rights in KooShopper platform. Under this background, ordering personnel only need to evaluate the products and give the evaluation, then they can get the rewards of the merchants. Moreover, KooShopper not only helps merchants to find customers suitable for their products through big data, but also scores their products through order dispatchers, so as to enhance their popularity in the platform and online market.

Indeed, KooShopper does not directly connect with any online shopping platform. Instead, it chooses to directly enter into cooperation agreements with e-commerce merchants within the online shopping platform. At present, the global mainstream well-known online shopping platforms all have merchants using KooShopper’s intelligent ordering service, such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.

Anyone can participate in this project, since merchants can increase the sales volume, consumers can get substantial benefits, orders distributors can get commissions, while entrepreneurs are all trying to find a profitable business, such as KooShopper! Definitely it stands right here within your sight!


Jack Carlos