Industry-leading analytics provide property detail at a granular level to unlock renovation costs and potential gains in equity

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#contractorsKukun, the leading proptech platform and originator of property data, home valuations, and homeowner investment solutions, today announced the availability of the next generation Estimator solution for consumers to estimate home renovation costs and budget for future projects inside and outside the home.

The next generation Estimator solution is available directly to consumers through the Kukun website or as a white-labeled solution for banks, lenders, insurance companies, real estate brokers or for any company that invests in real estate to share with their clients. It is available in an API or through white-label iframes to provide clients with an interactive experience to estimate the cost of a home renovation project.

By using Estimator, consumers can plan the exact remodel they want quickly and easily. Consumers can select the interior, exterior, particular parts of the home, individual rooms, or a variety of other home upgrades to obtain a precise budget for the project. Additionally, Estimator reveals the potential return on investment (ROI) once the job is completed.

Kukun carefully tested Estimator with licensed contractors across the country to validate the product. Nine out of 10 contractors agreed that the estimated costs were consistent with their evaluation of the renovation costs of the projects.

“When we presented the next generation Estimator to experienced contractors they said they would use it with their customers to speed the process of planning,” said Scott Langmack, Chief Operating Officer for Kukun. “At Kukun, we are not removing the contractor from the equation, we allow the homeowner and the contractor to define the project and increase the homeowner’s satisfaction when planning and budgeting for their home renovation.”

When consumers engage with Estimator, they can run various scenarios that evaluate each part of the home renovation project and the solution provides actual estimates, not a loose range of costs that they have experienced with other renovation platforms. The granularity provided by Estimator is tied to where the subject home is located using the Kukun database of all homes across the country. To obtain a competitive ROI, the envisioned home improvements should be proportional to the value of the home. Kukun allows users to test three levels of spending from low to high: value ($), quality ($$) and luxury ($$$). Estimator uses analytics from Kukun to calculate renovations that are consistent with the local market conditions. Experienced home-flippers understand that profitable projects are a balance of affordable upgrades and reasonable spending in proportion to the value of the home. Even a novice can plan a renovation like an expert when they use Estimator.

The pipeline of insightful products and services coming from Kukun is robust. In addition to the next generation Estimator solution, the upcoming opportunities are aimed at increased consumer engagement including property condition reports and other value-driven products. All products in the suite are available direct to consumer or white labeled as an enterprise solution to improve client satisfaction.

About Kukun:

Kukun is a PropTech company featuring the most accurate residential property database of current condition, enabling Kukun to create superior real estate investment guidance and more accurate home valuations. Kukun’s analytics power products for both the largest institutional real estate investors, as well as consumers, which are available direct and via white labeling. Today, Kukun is the leading real estate-focused consumer web products provider for large enterprises, with customers like Keller Williams, Chase, USBank, SoFi, PNC Bank, and Discover. The consumer product suite features a) the industry-leading renovation cost estimator including renovation ROI, b) a complete home management and investment optimization product called iHomeManager, c) a homebuyers report called the iHomeReport, and d) a contractor sourcing product with proprietary unbiased reliability rankings. Visit to learn more.


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