La Haus, a Latin America prop-tech market leader, will accept bitcoin as payment


By FintechNews staff

-More and more real estate transactions are being purchased, listed and sold with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency as they become more popular and socially acceptable. The real estate industry is changing dramatically as new technologies and services influence the way society completes real estate transactions.  In fact, some believe that cryptocurrency will revolutionalize the future of real estate transactions.

La Haus, a startup that wants to bring U.S. tech-enabled real estate services to the Latin American real estate market, announced it would start accepting bitcoin as payment for homes through a collaboration with bitcoin payments processor OpenNode.

-“La Haus is once again pioneering the use of technology to transform Latam housing markets, plugging into the open monetary network and accepting Bitcoin via a fully integrated digital process,” according to a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

-OpenNode will enable the prop-tech market leader in Mexico and Colombia to accept BTC both on-chain and on the Lightning Network to facilitate real estate sales digitally. The firm was founded by two Stanford graduates, Jerónimo Uribe and Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos, and is on track to facilitate over $1 billion in annualized gross transaction value by December, per the release.

-“Real estate purchases are another perfect use case for Bitcoin, a global payment network designed to optimize the transfer of value,” said Kevin Adekayode, OpenNode’s head of operations.

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