Allowing investors to buy shares of single and multi family homes for under $10, Landa is continuing to lower the barrier to invest in the world’s largest asset class

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#fintechLanda, the financially inclusive real estate investing platform, announced today that it has surpassed 200,000 registered users. The significant milestone is evidence of the growing enthusiasm for the benefits of fractional ownership for individual investors.

As housing prices have become increasingly unaffordable for the average investor, Landa’s fractional ownership model unlocks access to the largest asset class in the world. Through the easy-to-use and highly secure interface, investors can browse individual properties, purchase shares, and have a simple overview of their portfolios.

“By lowering the barrier to invest in real estate, Landa is helping investors of all sizes diversify into this important asset class,” explained Gigi Levy Weiss, General Partner at NFX, a major venture backer of Landa. “I am confident this milestone is just the beginning of Landa’s journey to democratize the real estate industry through fractional ownership.”

“Every day at Landa, we are focused on our mission – to enable wealth creation through a new way to invest in real estate,” stated CEO and cofounder Yishai Cohen. “Growing our investors base is a testament to the desire of individual investors to participate in the real estate market. As we continue to enhance our app experience and property offering, we look forward to delivering on our mission to an increasing number of investors.”

Landa launched with $33 million in venture funding from investors, including NFX, 83North, and Viola Ventures. For more information and to download the Landa app, visit

About Landa

Landa was founded in New York City by Yishai Cohen and Amit Assaraf to enable everyone to access and benefit from investing in real estate, regardless of income. Landa purchases properties, divides them into shares for investors, and rents them out. Investors have the potential to net a long-term investment while also enjoying a dividend income from their properties. To learn more visit or follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.