Latest crypto survey shows surprising level of confidence in sector future



CoinLoan is proud to announce the outstanding results of its 2022 customer satisfaction survey. The survey results show that despite investor interest in the crypto market being tested in recent months, the reality continues to be positive for the future of the crypto sector.
This survey, sent out to all customers, allowed CoinLoan users to rate their level of satisfaction with the company’s various services, including its lending system, interest accounts, security standards, and customer support. After collecting the responses and collating the data, CoinLoan can now report the following:
  • 74% satisfaction with the company’s lending system.
  • 83% satisfaction with CoinLoan’s interest accounts.
  • 92% satisfaction with CoinLoan’s security standards.
  • 78% satisfaction with CoinLoan’s customer support.
Further, it was found that CoinLoan customers, when asked what aspect of the company’s lending is the most attractive, were almost equally split between instant loan processing and the ability to repay loans with different assets — two offerings which serve to differentiate CoinLoan from a number of their competitors. Taken together, this overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers demonstrates the ongoing trust CoinLoan clients have for the company, even in the face of this market downturn.
Alex Faliushin, CEO of CoinLoan, said: “We are always looking for ways in which we can improve the user experience of our customers, and these survey results are a fantastic indication that our hard work is paying off. Even as this industry suffers some growing pains, CoinLoan stands as an example of what sustainable growth in the right direction can look like.”
As this crypto sector continues to evolve and develop, it is up to crypto companies to do everything in their power to maintain the trust of their customers. In the past few months alone, CoinLoan has announced partnerships with Elliptic, the global leader in cryptoasset risk management, and the well-known financial cybersecurity firm, Blaze Information Security. These partnerships are indicative of CoinLoan’s ongoing commitment to their clients, and their willingness to go above and beyond to protect the investments of their customers. Looking to the future, the company plans to expand their offerings and continue to develop in-line with their client needs.

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