NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CorporateLexFusion, the leading legal tech and innovation accelerator, is excited to welcome to its portfolio in order to better support law department spend optimization.

In an era of ever more complex tools, is a simple, effective and highly professional service, proven to help in house legal departments materially reduce spend while saving on time-consuming invoice review—with zero risk. specializes in identifying and correcting errors on outside counsel bills while insulating the trusted advisor relationship from the necessary minutia of the attendant commercial relationship.

“What makes this such an attractive offering to our law department network is’s expertise in ensuring legal bills conform to detailed outside counsel guidelines. Where issues are identified, engages directly with the law firms to resolve discrepancies and quickly progress bills to payment readiness, saving time and preserving business-critical relationships.

Their service strikes the optimal balance between yielding quantifiable savings and maintaining law firm ‘buy-in.’ And since their pricing model guarantees ROI, there’s no need to find room in the budget, says Christina Wojcik, Managing Director at LexFusion and Former Head of Innovation and Technology at Citibank.

“We’re thrilled to join the LexFusion collective! LexFusion’s legal market expertise is unparalleled. And their commitment to excellence is a testament to’s value proposition for in-house legal teams,” states Ryan Loro, President of’s team of experienced, US-based attorneys analyzes every charge on every bill to ensure every entry and expense adds value, and is compliant with both the client’s billing guidelines and industry best practices. Pinpointing excessive time, inadequate descriptions, factual inconsistencies between time entries, duplicative work, new-lawyer training, right sourcing, block billing, administrative tasks, overstaffing, and intra-office communications, eliminates ineffective use of law department resources, including the opportunity cost of the time required to perform detailed invoice reviews.

“On average, identifies 10-15% cost savings on bills our team reviews,” notes Loro. “This savings positively impacts organizations’ legal spend reduction and optimization goals.”

Wojcik affirms the importance of these savings by stating, “2024 is the year of law firm spend reconciliation. Legal budgets are being frozen. Spend reduction exercises are in full effect. Every excess dollar allocated to one area is a dollar unavailable to meet other urgent needs. Being able to offer a solution that supports spend optimization is directly in line with LexFusion’s mission to position law departments to meet business needs at scale and pace.”

About LexFusion:

LexFusion accelerates legal innovation. Whether guiding legal professionals’ journey through the expansive legal technology and/or service space, or advising legal innovation companies on go to market strategy, LexFusion unites buyers and sellers. For more information, please visit

About identifies and corrects billing errors and overcharges on outside counsel bills using a team of US-based lawyers. With their expertise and commitment to legal spend accuracy, they ensure fair and transparent billing practices to deliver immediate savings to their clients.


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