NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#legalLexFusion, the only go-to-market collective of leading legal innovation companies, officially launched operations six months ago. Today, on the back of rising demand for its services, LexFusion strengthens its leadership team with the addition of Casey Flaherty as the third co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

In his new role, Casey, a long-time legal process & technology evangelist, joins LexFusion from Baker McKenzie, where he served as Director of Legal Project Management building a global team of 55 experts in offices across the globe. Prior to Baker, Casey was a Biglaw litigator, in-house counsel, and legal operations consultant. At LexFusion, Casey will focus on the consultative aspects of LexFusion’s fast-moving go-to-market operation. With an emphasis on market listening, thought leadership and community building, Casey will help law departments and their legal service providers identify and integrate offerings that enable them to meet the needs of business at scale and pace.

“Casey is a friend and a fellow traveler in the world of legal innovation. We cannot contain our excitement that he has chosen to join our team. It’s a milestone when one of the brightest minds in your space not only believes in what you are doing, they agree to become part your story and join you in advancing the collective conversation. Casey’s presence will make an immediate impact on the practices of our corporate and law firm clients, as well as the businesses of our member companies. He can offer an unparalleled insight and guidance to those in the legal field seeking solutions to address their current and future priorities,” said Joe Borstein, Co-Founder & CEO, LexFusion.

“Casey has a unique ability to speak directly to those in the legal field about their needs, their pain points, and their unbounded opportunities to deliver excellence, especially as an increasing number of law departments and firms come to terms with the imperatives of digital transformation. Today, as Casey officially joins LexFusion, I am even more confident we can meet our clients’ needs as trusted advisors filtering out the noise in an ever more crowded marketplace,” said Paul Stroka, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer.

Founders and innovation veterans Joe Borstein and Paul Stroka launched LexFusion to accelerate the modernization of legal practice and operations by making the right conversations happen. Focused on bringing differentiated value to every interaction, regardless of whether it is monetizable for LexFusion, and finding problem/solution fit, the company has experienced demand that exceeded its vision.

“I am thrilled to be part of LexFusion. The time is now for digital transformation in legal. For too long, our industry has fallen prey to framing productivity challenges as cost overruns—when excess cost is merely a symptom. We’re moving beyond Zero-sum thinking and an emphasis on spending somewhat less today towards radically reducing unit costs tomorrow through system re-engineering and tech-enablement. The right tools need to be in the hands of the right people embedded in the right processes for legal to execute at scale and pace. LexFusion reduces the friction and noise in what has become a chaotic market because everyone is scrambling to solve truly pressing problems. There is no better time than now, and now is just the beginning. We are, after decades of talk, at the forefront of an explosion in legal innovation, and I am ready to hit the ground running. I also look forward to working with Joe, Paul, and all our members on ‘LexFusion 2.0’, as we conceive of novel and effective ways to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Casey Flaherty, now Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer.

About LexFusion: LexFusion is the legal professional’s first call to modernize legal practice and operations. LexFusion evaluates the congested legal innovation marketplace and selects excellent solutions geared toward helping legal professionals optimize their money, time, and resources. LexFusion’s vetted portfolio of leading legal innovation companies currently comprises seven unique members. For more information, please visit


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