NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Magic, the leading wallet-as-a-service provider, and Etherlink, a pioneering non-custodial, EVM-compatible Tezos Layer 2 solution, are thrilled to announce their integration to bring seamless onboarding to the next generation of blockchain developers and consumers. This integration marks a significant milestone in the advancement of decentralized application (dApp) development, combining the scalability and security of Etherlink with the simplicity and usability of Magic’s wallet SDK.

Rollups and Layer 2 solutions represent a crucial development in the blockchain industry, offering reduced transaction costs, faster transaction speeds, and more efficient resource utilization. However, many developers believe that for more meaningful blockchain adoption, scaling must be achieved with decentralization and censorship resistance at its core.

Etherlink, designed to attract developers and dApps from the EVM space, offers enhanced user and developer experiences with sub-second block times and transaction costs as low as $0.001, while leveraging Tezos’ robust underlying security. Etherlink distinguishes itself by its integration into Tezos Layer 1 as an “enshrined” rollup. This unique integration not only fortifies its security by eliminating common smart contract risks, but also grants it the status of a first-class citizen on the Tezos mainnet, offering enhanced underlying infrastructure.

“We are excited to continue the momentum with Magic to bring the power of Etherlink to developers,” said Siddharth Singhal, head of BD at Trilitech, the adoption hub for the Tezos blockchain. “By integrating with Magic’s developer-friendly wallet SDK, we are unlocking the full potential of Web3 by enabling developers to quickly create dApps that are scalable and accessible to mainstream users. Also unlocking gasless transactions and having Etherlink as the top five options on the Magic CLI for developers.”

With Etherlink now a supported blockchain on Magic, the future of blockchain-powered applications have access to a powerful toolkit that combines the scalability and security of Etherlink with the simplicity and usability of Magic’s wallet SDK. This integration not only simplifies the development process but also enhances the user experience, paving the way for a new era of decentralized applications that are secure, accessible, and user-friendly.

“Etherlink checks all the boxes for a strong L2 blockchain. Fast block times, cheap transactions, MEV protection and on-chain governance. A community-led protocol that not only enables great UX with high throughput, but also with enhanced decentralization and security. We are absolutely thrilled to partner up and onboard the next billion users to Web3 with the help of Etherlink,” said Sean Li, co-founder and CEO of Magic.

The Etherlink and Magic partnership builds upon the existing relationship to provide a commitment to provide solutions to support the growth and adoption of Web3 technologies.

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About Etherlink

Etherlink is an EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain powered by Tezos Smart Rollups. It’s permissionless, inherits Tezos Layer 1 security, and features a decentralized governance model, fraud proofs, and censorship resistance. It’s fast, fair and (nearly) free with extremely low transaction costs, and features MEV protection by design.

About Magic

Magic enables businesses of any size to realize the extraordinary benefits of Web3 without the stress. Magic offers the industry’s most popular and battle-tested Wallet-as-a-Service, plus a range of essential NFT capabilities. Magic has experienced explosive 300% YoY growth since 2018. With more than 31 million wallets created, Magic is embraced by over 170,000 developers and brands like Mattel, Macy’s, Forbes, Helium and WalletConnect.


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