MCE changes the game for AI bot partners by adding a second dimension of search

DALLAS & TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MCE Systems Ltd. unveiled a transformative enhancement to AI-powered chatbot technology used for telco customer service. This new integration to the MCE platform adds a second dimension of search that boosts the performance of AI-powered chatbots. As the global leader in digital-first mobile device lifecycle management (dDLM), this is the latest in a series of quantum improvements to mobile customer experiences.

With over 80% of consumers embracing chatbots, the market is expected to quadruple over the next five years. Telco operators have progressively deployed chatbots to address a variety of customer questions and problems, including seeking assistance with billing and account inquiries, receiving general customer service support and resolving technical issues with their devices.

For the latter, however, as the world goes increasingly digital, customer device-related questions and problems grow increasingly more complex. In most cases, chatbots can’t keep up: only about a third of customers find the resolution effective, but MCE’s technology enables a path to boost performance.

The MCE dDLM platform is changing the game by extending the known “two-way conversation” between the bot and the consumer into a “three-way conversation”. The MCE platform’s bot-booster provides the AI chatbot with deep device diagnostics intelligence turning the user’s phone into a live data source thereby enhancing both solution rates and customer satisfaction:

  1. Unknown devices can be immediately identified (i.e., make, model, memory, etc.);
  2. Device history can be retrieved in real-time for registered devices, e.g., upgrade eligibility which allows offering a trade-in instead of a repair;
  3. Remote diagnostics can be triggered in real-time based on the ad hoc insights needs of the conversation (e.g., battery check).

MCE tested this approach with ChatGPT and the API integration was fast and easy. The MCE platform can be triggered with simple commands in plain English (vs. a machine language) by ChatGPT woven into the natural conversation flow with the consumer.

In addition to real-time insights, the chatbot also benefits from MCE’s 18 year historical data set. This comprises hundreds of attributes across 6000 device types. The bot can trawl the data to flag typical repair probabilities, false repair triggers, contextual offers for problematic devices and insurance attach success rates at moments of truth. With each interaction, the chatbot will automatically enhance MCE’s intelligence for future chats and increase other big data applications across 400m devices.

This AI-powered chatbot is a piece of a larger dDLM mission to drive digital transformation of device-related journeys. Operators can enhance, with MCE’s dDLM platform, the outcome of a chatbot interaction by offering customers relevant solution options, e.g., a phone reboot, a device repair, or an on-the-spot trade-in offer with a guaranteed price. In turn, this drives customer loyalty, NPS, and overall satisfaction.

Stuart Steinberg, MCE’s Chief Business Development Officer, added: “With the deep and real-time diagnostics, our technology adds a second dimension to chatbot search. Acting like a glue, it pushes AI-driven bots to the next performance level, offering a personalized yet automated and efficient customer experience that also enables contextual offers. MCE changes the game once again and is setting a new benchmark.”

Yuval Blumental, MCE’s CEO, said: ” With this innovation, MCE is really making its mark as a big data player. We are turning the consumer device into a live data source, which means that bots can draw not just on historical data but on real-time intelligence too.”

Dr. Robert Hackl, MCE’s CMO and Global President, added: “We are already making digital-first service a true differentiator for telco operators and their solution partners. Now we are giving them the power of real-time device data insights too. These innovations will help them stay ahead of the curve to meet the evolving needs of their customers.”

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MCE is the pioneer in digital-first mobile device lifecycle management (dDLM) for operators and their partners since 2005. MCE’s industry-leading dDLM platform solutions mobilize operations, increase revenues, and decrease inefficiencies. Specific solutions range from device diagnostics and trade-in management with a price guarantee, to handling device returns. All are omnichannel-ready with world-class virtualization and provide fully integrated data management to anticipate customer needs around device-related customer issues (e.g., device health, upgrade timing, trade-in instead of repair). Over its more than 17 years of experience, MCE has become the trusted mobilizer of extraordinary customer experiences for Tier-1 operators and their partners. Visit


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