by Jeff Patterson

Meet the industry leading brands sponsoring FMLS:23 this November!

The Finance Magnates London Summit (FMLS) has emerged as a landmark event that brings together industry-leading brands. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the event’s marquee sponsors, all of which will be on full display over two-and-a-half days of parties, exhibition, and entertainment.

Held on November 20-22 at Old Billingsgate, FMLS:23 will feature thousands of attendees, up to 150+ distinguished speakers, and ground-breaking innovations from 120+ other exhibitors.

FMLS serves as bellwether event that lays the framework for the ever-changing environment of financial services. Perhaps most importantly, the event helps offer professionals a unique opportunity to interact, cooperate, and acquire insights from the industry’s leading brands.

Meet the Brand that Lead the Industry at FMLS:23

FMLS is more than just a gathering of leading companies and industry stalwarts. The most significant financial services brands congregate within its walls to share their ambitions, strategies, and innovations.

This convergence crosses borders, including varied industries such as online trading, fintech, asset management, payments, and others. The summit’s ability to attract such a diverse group highlights its critical role in fostering cross-sectoral exchange and defining the way for the financial future.

Join the Elite, Place Your Brand Today

Sponsoring FMLS:23 provides an unrivaled platform for businesses looking to make a splash or simply display their brand, develop new partnerships, and much more.

FMLS has already established itself as one of the most widely known and anticipated financial services industry events. The summit, which has a track record of success spanning eleven years, consistently attracts top-tier guests, including C-level executives, institutional investors, fintech disruptors, and regulatory authorities.

Sponsors also enjoy substantial visibility throughout the event through logo placements, digital marketing campaigns, and on-site branding. This heightened awareness extends beyond the summit by generating long-term brand recognition among the financial community.

Because of the event’s importance and global reach, sponsors can acquire recognition and respect within the financial services community. There are several sponsorship opportunities remaining, including the Outdoor Area sponsor, and Lanyard sponsor.

Reach out to FMevent’s sales team at to discuss any sponsorship opportunities today!

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