A Strategic Leap towards Optimal Efficiency and Data Excellence

WEST CHESTER, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Meradia, a global consultancy for investment operations and technology transformation, announced today that industry veteran Brian J. Buzzelli joined the firm as Director, Head of Data Practice. With Buzzelli, Meradia deepens its Investment Data practice and broadens the capabilities of its proven Investment Performance and Investment Operations consulting services.

Brian’s pre-use data validation frameworks allow investment and operations professionals to focus on their core responsibilities. His innovative approach leverages manufacturing techniques to drive a data-driven culture where data is treated as an asset with robust quality control frameworks built to ensure accuracy and precision.

Investment managers have materially advanced the ways they store, access, and leverage data and how they communicate with data vendors and service providers. This change is largely driven by industry’s exponential adoption of Cloud (AWS, Azure), Snowflake and transformative computing capabilities. Brian has helped the investment industry adapt to these new tools and capabilities. He’s changed the way the industry thinks about data strategy – focusing on optimizing efficiency, simplifying architecture, and ensuring data precision,” said Scott Wybranski, CFA, Meradia’s President and CEO, “Data is central to all our client work. Under Brian’s leadership, Meradia will help our clients reinvent the way they approach their operational data.”

Mick Cartwright, Managing Director at Meradia, adds, “Meradia helps our clients modernize post-trade operational functions, reduce toil, and expose meaningful insights in investment data stores. Brian’s expertise advances that work by helping our clients create a data-centric culture that enhances operational capabilities and fuels innovation.”

Recently, Buzzelli served as Head of Enterprise Data Management at Acadian Asset Management in Boston and as Head of Enterprise Data Management, America for Nomura Securities in NYC. Buzzelli also authored “Data Quality Engineering in Financial Services”, published by O’Reilly in 2022. His book focuses on the application of rigorous quality assurance techniques used in manufacturing as quantitative data quality validation and control frameworks for data in the investment industry. Buzzelli combines these frameworks with his practical implementation of data governance and master data management to provide clients with a powerful approach to data management and architecture transformation.

With a steadfast commitment to empowering investment professionals and enabling them to maximize their business value, Meradia ensures that professionals can rely on the precision and reliability of the data they utilize, instilling confidence in their decision-making processes,” said Buzzelli. “Meradia is at the forefront, leveraging its expertise and strategic vision to deliver transformative solutions that meet the evolving needs of investment management professionals.”

About Meradia

Meradia is a leader in operations and technology consulting for the global investment management industry. Since 1997, we have provided strategic advisory and implementation services that transform operational processes, performance, analytics, and reporting. Our consultants leverage decades of experience in investment performance measurement, front-to-back office operations, and technical platforms to optimize your firm’s functionality.

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Ava Strasinski, Marketing