SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Executives of Metallicus, Inc., a financial services and technology company, have announced the formation of FBBT Holdings, Inc., to expand banking and financial services to underserved customers in emerging technology industries.

The founders, Marshall Hayner and Irina Berkon, board members and executives of Metallicus, see the holding company providing regulated and compliant banking services to emerging fintechs and their investors, allowing them to focus on growth and development.

“Our team’s technological expertise will enable us to leverage emerging opportunities and bring innovative solutions, helping clients achieve their financial goals in the digital age. Just as community banks have specific local awareness of needs and risk in their areas, we deliver similar insight in our unique community,” said Hayner.

“We are excited to provide traditional banking services to emerging fintech and technology companies without interruption,” said Berkon. “With our expertise and focus on regulatory compliance, our clients can grow their businesses with confidence that their banking services won’t be shut off. You concentrate on growth; we will take care of your banking needs.”

As part of this effort, FBBT Holdings’ plans to acquire the 100-year-old State Bank of Nauvoo, subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals. The bank will continue to serve its community and provide existing and new clients with continued access to traditional banking services, while infusing the bank with new financial and human capital, enhanced compliance practices, broader revenue generating capabilities, and expertise in technology.

“We are thrilled to join forces with FBBT Holdings and look forward to offering new services to our existing customers, while also serving the greater Nauvoo community,” said Ted Reinhardt, President of State Bank of Nauvoo.

Hayner brings a forward-thinking vision for the future of banking and technology, with a specific focus on compliance and regulatory requirements. Meanwhile, Berkon has the expertise to execute the vision within the framework set forth by regulatory bodies, all while meeting the needs of founders and investors. They will continue their roles at Metallicus, while appointing and retaining experienced leadership to run the bank.

To advise the holding company throughout its operations, the planned Board of Directors for FBBT Holdings is comprised of seasoned professionals including Lee Woolley (Former BNY Mellon), Donald Berk (Former Northern Trust), Lauren Hargraves (Former Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Marc Joseph (Former BNY Mellon), Sergio Rodriguera Jr. (Former Federal Reserve Bank of Boston), Bryan Hubbard (Former Deputy Comptroller of the OCC), and Mark Carawan (Former Citigroup).

Pending regulatory and shareholder approvals and the satisfaction or waiver of customary closing conditions, the acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

About FBBT Holdings

FBBT Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation co-founded by Marshall Hayner and Irina Berkon. Marshall co-founded Metallicus in 2017, which develops various products on the blockchain, including Metal Pay, a payments app, providing customers with a secure, compliant, and user-friendly way of interacting with cryptocurrencies. Irina joined Metallicus in 2020, and was instrumental in securing various licenses in the US and EU, to enable the company’s users to access expanded financial services via familiar products. FBBT Holdings leverages the expertise of its founders to provide regulated and compliant banking services to emerging fintechs, while helping traditional banks navigate the rapidly-changing digital economy.


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